Salford , 2nd April 2020 Someone is hovering over Salford’s bins every day they’ve been seen – on spying missions and some say – they’re worse than the pigeons gracefully flying through the skies until the bins on the waterside are looking full – likelihood is – they’ll chance their luck – with a lassContinue reading “Seagulls”

Beside Me

Salford, March 28th 2020 #Socs #Besideme Saturday morning. Its a couple of days into the government lockdown in the UK for this blooming bug that’s hitting the globe like a whirlwind and for the stream of conciousness challenge – i’ve been asked whats beside me, I’m looking down at the table – the book iContinue reading “Beside Me”


Salford 21st February 2020 A tale of ‘recovery’ from brain injury by inky #Fowc #Progress I Waking up Washing face Without falling or dropping stuff or Walking out of place Progress II Remembering a face from a Reel of names without Reaction causing Regurgitation Progress III Collecting your Cocoa from Carol at Costa without CausingContinue reading “Progress”


#Socs #Choices Choices you make, can form you later on down the line How you make them is down to you Of course, there are many paths to travel, to where you want to go It’s a decision you have to make….. Cold or Hot, Coast – Countryside – or City Even eating, can giveContinue reading “Choices”

What makes me

#Octpowrimo #Whoami A notable thing is character Being ones self Creative experiences that Define who you are Even if its the only thing they’ll know you for A few bumps and scratches along the way Brain ops and chicken pox two little obstacles Cerebral Palsy and “Juvenile arthritis” the other Determination to walk and overcomeContinue reading “What makes me”

Playing in the side street

Salford, 25th September 2019 #Salford #Children #Parking #Gardens #Street #Sports In order to save themselves some pocket money the sports fans find convenient side streets parking off the main road on the way to the stadium One by one, they move on to empty paving ignoring the call of the parking charge plastered on theContinue reading “Playing in the side street”