What makes me

#Octpowrimo #Whoami A notable thing is character Being ones self Creative experiences that Define who you are Even if its the only thing they’ll know you for A few bumps and scratches along the way Brain ops and chicken pox two little obstacles Cerebral Palsy and “Juvenile arthritis” the other Determination to walk and overcomeContinue reading “What makes me”


#Fountains #Life #Home #Travel #cityscapes #poetry Manchester, 16th October 2019 I was in Manchester yesterday, on the hunt for a new pair of spectacles. Walking through Piccadilly gardens, I noticed something to bring a smile to the grimmest of people….They’ve turned the water back on the fountains!!!! Flying high into the northern skies Orchestrated jetsContinue reading “Fountains”


Image prompt c/o Pinterest – anyone want to lay claim to the image let me know and i’ll credit you on here – thanks! Link: https://promptuarium.wordpress.com/2019/02/14/forever-2/ They said they’d be friends for ever as they watched the magical sight a merger of magical colour bringing colour to the night but then – a terrible happeningContinue reading “Forever”

Alarm Clock

27th February 2019 As the sun dipped below the horizon and changed shift with his pal the moon something constant kept on moving second hand moving the minutes whilst the hour hand waited to move forward and a marker sat like a sentry ready to fire a fifteen gun salute cats birds and dogs, creepContinue reading “Alarm Clock”

Prodding around

Salford, 16th November 2018 Sat in the dental chair With a little bit of trepidation Each square ivory, wiggled, scraped, and prodded As the dentist checked for excavation Reaction to the prodding….censored It’s not as if they could see the hole or Nerve they hit Got to admit, you could hear the cry from beyondContinue reading “Prodding around”