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  • Warm & Cosy

    Warm & Cosy

    #WDYS They’ve been resting on a nest of twigs , moss and down sleeping away while mum and dad’s gone to town And as they’ve been sleeping they’ve started to grow awaiting the time that from egg they must go And as that time comes they’ll all hack away and spend time in the nest […]

  • A Kestrel Came Calling

    #birds #kestrel #poetry A Kestrel came a calling on a summers Sunday morn it was on a hunt for squeakers as its chicks had just been born A Kestrel came a calling diving on the roof pinching the spoils of the locals attacking with claw and tooth A Kestrel came a calling the neighbours wondered […]

  • Cadence

    #Napowrimo #writeclub Listen…. can you hear it? as the morning sun pops its head above the horizon the rise and fall of the musical local wildlife discussing the day can be heard in every green space in the land news of the morning new chicks in the nest meaning more than one food stop for […]

  • Raise


    #fowc #raise The first rays of sun and the birds are up out of the trees there’s twigs to be found for renovations to the nest and little ones to feed

  • Dont lick a Wasp

    Dont lick a Wasp

    #writeclub #wasp Dont lick a wasp a reflection by inky I’ve always preferred Bees to wasps and there’s a very good reason why Bees when they sting – its a last resort they’d much more evade you and fly And while bees try their best to get away The wasp cannot be called “chilled” as […]

  • Dragons Nest

    Dragons Nest

    #WDYS Image credit; Sean Thomas @ Unsplash The learned academic’s at the local seat of learning were slightly bemused to have spotted this beast it was stopping the students learning at the very least You see this mystical beast had found a home somewhere she could rest her legs atop the library marble dome a place […]

  • The visitor

    The visitor

    #birds #summer He landed last night having visited someplace sunny having spotted the green and blues and pinks he decided to stay around for a while The locals were friendly advising on spots over the fence where for a little bit of effort you could get a really good feed You could find a spa […]

  • Roof of sparrows

    Roof of sparrows

    #Birds #writeclub Construction began Simply enough a small nest for Mr sparrow and his family nesting in the eves the nest made of twigs mud and bracken and other different leaves Mr Sparrows brother moved in and soon it looked like the terrace below and little uns acted like the kiddies Moving too and fro

  • Robin


    #poetry #birds #robin You can’t miss this happy chappie perched as he is on the nearest bit of wood with his reddish hues he’s clear to see and yet very few get close for he guards his spot twenty four-seven hopping and landing on the green lawn to grab an early worm

  • Birds on a church spire

    Birds on a church spire

    Salford and Manchester, March 1st 2021 Welcome! they chirp to the grandest birdhouse anywhere around the previous owners left a while back and there’s plenty of room to build a grand nest with five floors to move around – there’s space to rest feed your brood and practice the fine arts of swooping , flying […]