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  • Up the Stairs

    Up the Stairs

    #Promptuarium Moving to the town was always going to be one grand adventure Barleycorns exchanged for the finest food money could buy – right by the door If you knew the spots sweet pastries from beyond the usual mousehole But dangers afoot Living in the Metro town Neighbourhood felines

  • Hickory


    A poetic take on the mouse in Hickory Dickory Dock by inky Hiding around in the Grandfather clock wasn’t such a great idea for rather acting o so meek and keeping from furry paws that did seek after hanging off the pendulum for seven days he thought he’d keep busy in other ways saving himself […]

  • Oulipo – part deux

    Salford 16th May 2020 Following on from yesterday’s oulipo here’s my go of an Oulipo based on Walter de la mare’s poem – Silver Here’s my take :- Slowly silently now the moose walks the nightmare in his simian shoon this way and that he peers and sees Simian fry upon simian tremeloes One by […]

  • A cast of thousands

    #fowc #cast #thousands from an ant trying to save the world to a familiar mouse in a sorcerers suit they sit on my bookshelf awaiting their curtain call a cast of thousands awaiting their appearance on a digital stage

  • Fearful symmetry II

    #writingprompt #fearful symmetry marvellous movement, made by the makers, of a made well micro computer mouse

  • Corpse

    The deceased lay prone Where it sent a message from beyond the skirting board Everyone was surprised to find feathers, Expecting to see a more furry resident in the gap The only question…how did it get there? In the corner, el gato sat innocent Not saying a word, the Goldfish kept a nervous silence #fowc […]

  • White noise

    #noise Can you hear that ? Really high pitch, Is there a mouse in the house ? My ears are squealing from the squeaking It’s coming from the next room, but (of course) there’s Nobody there, As the master thief has pinched the loot and Led themselves out of the house via the skirting board.

  • Crumble

    Salford 22nd September An Acrostic in response to the Daily Post…. Crumb Cakes and puddings Resolutely rounded off, their memory occasionally left Under the dining room table – a veritable feast for the domestic Mouse, guinea pig or hamster who help themselves to the Bits of topping  missed by mum or dad Look out , […]

  • Hidden


    Hidden In the green of the park Never miss a moment Vast numbers of creatures live In every nook and cranny across the field of grass Some, sleep in the wood – whilst others live In the ground, pushing up the grass you play on Birds nest hide away – but you have to Look […]

  • Puddytat


    Many hear the call of the night as a furry old cat, presses paws to the floor travelling the neighbourhood for prey as the moon comes out of clouds, shining bright Night-time, the right time to hunt out for more with mice on the hunt for a midnight feast watch out, little mouse! and quickly […]