Salford 22nd September An Acrostic in response to the Daily Post…. Crumb Cakes and puddings Resolutely rounded off, their memory occasionally left Under the dining room table – a veritable feast for the domestic Mouse, guinea pig or hamster who help themselves to the Bits of topping  missed by mum or dad Look out ,Continue reading “Crumble”


Hidden In the green of the park Never miss a moment Vast numbers of creatures live In every nook and cranny across the field of grass Some, sleep in the wood – whilst others live In the ground, pushing up the grass you play on Birds nest hide away – but you have to LookContinue reading “Hidden”


Many hear the call of the night as a furry old cat, presses paws to the floor travelling the neighbourhood for prey as the moon comes out of clouds, shining bright Night-time, the right time to hunt out for more with mice on the hunt for a midnight feast watch out, little mouse! and quicklyContinue reading “Puddytat”

A Mouse in the Museum Kitchen

#Napowrimo #Day21 #blogging101 #Mouse #Museum #Poetry I once wrote a piece of found poetry on Imperial War museum North, in Manchester..using a piece from the poet John Rice as my inspiration.  Thought I’d share it with you, and hope you enjoy the read.   There’s a mouse in the Museum Kitchen – Who’s been eatingContinue reading “A Mouse in the Museum Kitchen”