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  • Just another Sandwich

    #food #poetry It began simply enough two pieces of crusty white bread from the loaf bought in the morning slight spread of butter slapped on either piece in anticipation salad cream for the vegetables cucumber for crispness (lettuce lay aloft on the salad bar) tomato and sweetcorn lying over the chicken , beef , pork […]

  • Dialect

    #lancashire #sayings There’s been trouble at Mill this morning the chaos has been obvious to see the cook in the kitchen is flummoxed as someone has messed up works tea See the barmpot of the mill came a calling to see what their having for lunch and he’d switched the lamb leg for smoked haddock […]

  • Robust


    #fowc #robust what was cooking on the stove was quite a combination what yesterdays roast lamb needed was something that would stand together with its rich flavour Carrots and Onion cooked down with some tomato and joined up with the leftover potatoes to create a dish that was quite different to the Sunday lunch but […]

  • spicy chicken

    spicy chicken

    #food #indian #spicy #chicken turning on a spit onion cardamom ginger and chilli provide the spice and heat in the tomato sauce covering the flame cooked chicken

  • A la Carte

    I When i was little i called them wiggly worms they were served up on toast and they were covered in tomato nowadays they’re a base for all kinds of topping Mince, Ham, Carrot courgette II Freshly caught from the sea steamed till its just falling apart and served up with parsley or lemon butter […]

  • Spaghetti II

    Spaghetti II

    I Like long blonde hairs they sit in the silvery tube waiting to lie in the bubble bath of water, oil and salt II Resolve in the steam ? a surprise Durum wheat holding out until the moment arrives and surrender to the bubbling water III Sauce bubbles away as they sit in the jacuzzi […]

  • Beefburgers

    Balanced Exquisitely between two halves of Extremely seeded sunflower buns Fully loaded beef patties, grilled to perfection Backed up with fried onion, lettuce and tomatoes Under the bap … sauces of your choosing, Right royal mix of ketchup, mustard and mayo Granted you don’t have to have all three and Everybody knows the gherkin is […]

  • Backwoods Stew

    Backwoods Stew

    #Scouts #Cubs #Beavers #Supper The ingredients were simple enough, Taters in the embers of some dying beechwood Corned beef, Some Carrots and a very big onion Butter for frying, and some stock cubes for flavour The Metallic billy can protected by the finest washing liquid as flames licked the sides of the can As the […]

  • Deliciosa!


    #cyw #Macandcheese Maybe its the twirly pasta i like so much Allied with the cheese (and occasional onion) that covers it all over Could it be the hidden elements – like Ham, or could it be the variety of cheese you put in Everything from Emmantal to good old Cheddar Each different cheese has a […]

  • Wizardry

    #Discover Prompts #Food #Dish 6th April 2020 While i was busy sketching away in the kitchen, dad was busy zipping around with tomatoes and beef and carrots and onion, creating a wonderful dish, based round the pasta shells that were dancing away in boiling water, and a little olive oil