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  • Bridge

    #writephoto Built in a place where the river , stream or canal makes its way in and out of the place where the people live down below, you can see the water passing as going to the shops, school or work everyone crosses from one place to another

  • Reclaimed


    #FFFC The humans moved out of this placeThey used to make things hereThings that movedThings that travelledA few returned, leaving their markAdding a spot of colourto desolate wallsMother nature spotted the empty spaceand send out a messagevia the western windSoon up in the girders,feathered builders of craft,making homes in foundationsin steels for and aft

  • Patterns


    #CFFC #Patterns I like patterns you can find them all around you, whether its in nature , or in your home furnishings in a mural or a picture I Volunteer at Imperial War Museum North, in Manchester, and a key place you spot patterns are in the camouflaged objects around the exhibition space Most camouflage […]

  • Toy Story

    #Toystory #Memories #Childhood Salford 6th September I can see them now scattered around on the floor those little bricks that stuck together some square – some rectangles some red, some yellow, some blue, some green we made trees and houses for the little lego people that rode around in the cars on the stubbily green […]

  • Early Morning

    Salford 23rd August 2018 Squeaky doors are better clarion calls than any alarm clock on the market   Slumbered silence broken by a cistern attracts you to the noise of the nearby main road   Luna’s departure allows Ra to announce “The morning is here! it’s time to get up”   And motorised monsters or […]

  • Through the window

    Through the Window Half past ten on a Monday Evening, and I’m looking out of the window of my bedroom-cum-writing studio. It’s quite dark outside, porch-lights flicker across the road.  They light up the cul-de-sac quite delightfully, but they cant match the LED Lamp by the electricity substation. The rumble of traffic from the nearby […]