Acrostic Character Christmas Poetry

Mr Claus

#Christmas #Santa


Somewhere in a hidden forest

among the scots pines and fir trees

noted gentleman is taking five having

taken and delivered kiddies toys and presents

all around the world

(he’ll be back to work soon – but for now he’s taking a nap!)

Industrial Life Nature


Salford, 9th November 2021

(response to a write club theme by inky)

What’s that noise ?

beyond the glass

up in the rooftops

its the birds that pass

surveying the autumn pickings

on the frost laden grass

What’s that noise?

beyond the bricks

the pipes are playing

at quarter to six

rolling water like streams

to keep us warm

the noise that it makes though

isn’t the norm.

Open the window

industry’s here!

rolling down the A road

without a fear

Following each other like a load of ham

ending on the tarmac in a big traffic jam

What’s that noise?

above my head

I’ve heard it since I rose

and got out of bed

chirping and cheeping – and always on time

A family of sparrows – its breakfast time

Photography Poetry

Near and Far

#Socs #Near #Far

View from my window

Near and Far

How Near to where i am would i want to go ?

The Local Park Perhaps ?

The Local Art Gallery ?

Off to the Lakes perhaps?

Or a remote sandy beach, someplace sunny and warm?


an ode to egyptian picture writing

around and about the pharoahs abode

writings that others could conside code

pictures instead of letters about

telling of chariot races rode

and imports of goods brought by load

news from desert and over the nile

read by egyptians coming down road

and making the noblemen all smile

Poetry Sport

Kick off

Old Trafford, Manchester, 14th August 2021

Old Trafford – Manchester Utd

They’d been preparing for this for weeks

Olympics – a mere distraction

to what lay ahead

The match – early saturday

the vendors – out with their home made goods – were there on Friday

the banner stretched across the entrance gate window

a statement of intent

red carpet laid out for the opposition fans

hoping they’d enjoy the spectacle – if not the scoreline

Ghosts Poetry

The Ghost


The key turned in the door

and we entered the house

empty chambers

random left behind furniture

nothing but a mouse

We played in the garden

my sister and i

and then, in a minute

we saw him fly

Hiding in the cupboards

in the bedrooms he’d fly

he’d pop up from the floorboards

just to say hi

he’d play games in the bedrooms

and splash about in the bath

and watch tv while making pictures

sometimes leaving a path

And though he’d appear to me and my sis

with mum and dad he’d go away

waiting for a time, when the late night chimed

for him to come and play

Outdoors Poetry


#Socs #Hut

Located in the forest

Among tall scots pine, larch and cedar

made from fallen comrades

A studier shelter than your average canvas

set by the waters, just by the bank

wind and rain doesn’t blow this one around

Bed for the night

with a view of the stars

occasional wild birds saying hello


Hilltop House

#Promptuarium #Hilltophouse

You could definately call it – a “Room with a View”

from the top of the house – you could see for miles away

be able to converse with the swallows and skylarks

en-suite facilities – hardly mod cons – but you have toilet and coal fire

your only problems – climbing up all those stairs to bed

and come breakfast time, your egg on toast will need heating up

Birds Poetry

Roof of sparrows

#Birds #writeclub

Construction began Simply enough

a small nest for Mr sparrow and his family

nesting in the eves

the nest made of twigs mud and bracken

and other different leaves

Mr Sparrows brother moved in

and soon it looked like the terrace below

and little uns acted like the kiddies

Moving too and fro

Childhood Growing up

Just another day

#Napowrimo #paperswans #children

Picking up post for Mum and dad

and reading a chapter a day

Helping doing the washing

and putting it away

one hundred and one little things to do

whilst i’m away from school

playing games with nanna

watching granddad play the fool

and i’ve pegged out all my teddies clothes

so they’ll be as snug as a bug

this afternoon i’ll be dressing them

and giving them a great big hug