Tag: Sleep

  • Hibernate


    #fowc #hibernate With all that warm fur he has you would think a brown bear enjoys the cold instead when the air seems that little bit frosty off he goes for an extra tea before resting his head on his hand made bed

  • Mr Claus

    Mr Claus

    #Christmas #Santa Somewhere in a hidden forest among the scots pines and fir trees noted gentleman is taking five having taken and delivered kiddies toys and presents all around the world (he’ll be back to work soon – but for now he’s taking a nap!)

  • Desk (V2)

    Desk (V2)

    #Napowrimo A Place where writing implements go to sleep Hewn from the finest tree trunks a place where the little apes transfer their thoughts using pencil to paper some use pen, some use paper some use crayon, and some use colour words and pictures cascade on the page and then when finished, they return their […]

  • Desk

    #thought #definition Alternate definition : where writing implements sleep crafted from the finest tree a spot where writing implements relax before pursuing their art engaging colour shape and form on paper or canvas fulfilling the artists ideas and concepts until the task is done, only then will they lie down and take a nap

  • New Year, New Day

    The first post of 2021. I The hour past The bells chimed One year confined to the history books One year to look forward to II Late Nights Laced with wine, food, drinking and song Leads to a long nap under the duvet Lying in on the downward strait to twelth night III Promises made […]

  • Dreams

    #freedomofexpression #Dream Dreams – they form your life’s ambition Resting as you do on your quilts position Even as the darkness falls A wonderous formation of thought does call Maybe your dreams may all come true Some require effort – that’s down to you

  • Sounds

    #sounds #acrostic Sunday evening, is a whole lot quieter than Sunday morning Outside, the rumble of traffic is down to a minimum Unless it’s a plane or a train you want to catch Navigating those roads should be a breeze Double glazing muffles any noises, and the wildlife are Sleeping in their beds soundly, keeping […]

  • Early morning blues

    Woken up by waterworks On the mark of quarter to five Kept awake by the familiar sound of Excited cats finding food on the Night prowl Unless my head hits the Pillow soon, i won’t be good to anyone As pins and needles bite my feet Golden slumbers seem far away Aching bones rest on […]

  • Ascend


    Friday 15th December 2017 Ascend Adventure can be seen anywhere in the house by little children, as they elevate themselves one foot at a time to nightime stories and delightful dreams under the watch of their teddy bears

  • Cacophony

    Cacophony It begins quietly enough the sound of birds waking from their nests and perching themselves on the sculpted columns of buildings the sound sweetly moves past the windows joined by a wail of a cat and a dog arguing over the stray beefburger dropped the night before the rumble of tyres – joined by […]