New Year, New Day

The first post of 2021.

New year in colour – Big Ben at Midnight, splash of colour by inky


The hour past

The bells chimed

One year confined to the history books

One year to look forward to


Late Nights

Laced with wine, food, drinking and song

Leads to a long nap under the duvet

Lying in on the downward strait to twelth night


Promises made – Resolutions

in changing and interesting times

enjoying a feast at the first day of the year, while

some prepare, to head out for bargains


#sounds #acrostic

Sunday evening, is a whole lot quieter than Sunday morning

Outside, the rumble of traffic is down to a minimum

Unless it’s a plane or a train you want to catch

Navigating those roads should be a breeze

Double glazing muffles any noises, and the wildlife are

Sleeping in their beds soundly, keeping warm

Early morning blues

Woken up by waterworks

On the mark of quarter to five

Kept awake by the familiar sound of

Excited cats finding food on the

Night prowl

Unless my head hits the

Pillow soon, i won’t be good to anyone

As pins and needles bite my feet

Golden slumbers seem far away

Aching bones rest on a thousand pocket springs

In a vain attempt I’ll sleep through the rest of

Night time



It begins quietly enough

the sound of birds waking from their nests

and perching themselves on the sculpted columns of buildings

the sound sweetly moves past the windows

joined by a wail of a cat and a dog

arguing over the stray beefburger

dropped the night before

the rumble of tyres – joined by their horns

as products make way from a to b

kids on the march from home to school

noise from records in an aim to look cool

the birds fly away – soon to return

and you have to get up – as your ears start to burn



Four o clock, Friday morning


Lying on my back with nothing but the Sandman to keep me company,

and now I’m wide awake.

Insomnia is not exactly a pain in the behind … more a pain in the back.

Having tried to go back to sleep, I’ve been observing the noises around me.  Normally, I’d be ignoring them, but for some strange reason my hearings honing in to every single noise around.  It’s like my head has turned into a listening station for GCHQ,  and right now it’s picking up everything.

The passing of early morning traffic going back and forth up and down the nearby Trafford road. The sound of early morning activity, taking place beyond the door…the clunk of a seatbelt in a delivery drivers cab, the whirring of an engine trying to beat the cold of a February morning.

The sound of the set top box updating its hard disk…better than any alarm clock. Updates at a certain time every Friday morning and is always on time. Why it’s got to be quarter past four…you’ll have to ask the broadcasters.

And then there’s my feathered friends…the birds of Salford quays,  flying over the rooftops on their way to the canal basins

And the funny thing ?  I’ve no place to go today! 😀 so there’s no need to be rushing about in a hurry.  Unless somebody phones my day is my own.

So despite the interruption to my sleep, I’ll be counting heffalumps upon returning to bed…

The one day I can happily lie in…and I’m wide awake.

You couldn’t make it up could you ? 😀