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Off on a Walk

#Christmas #Dog #Walk

Photo by Artem Beliaikin on

Cooped up inside

He tried his best to enjoy the festivities

Reality is – despite playing with all his toys

Indoors isn’t where he wanted to be

So, he persuaded his owner

To take him for a walk over the

Mossy greens of the local park where

A host of trees and twigs will be played with – on return

Sausages will be found in his bowl – Late gift from Santa Paws!

Animals Myths



They said there was something

horrible hiding in the forest

feathers of a crow

claws of an eagle

human face, legs and hands

Making noises around the trees

as she hopped from branch to branch

picking off fruit with glee

and enjoying them for tea

what they didn’t know

was the creature

was she was more frightened of them

than they were frightened of her

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Final Manoevres

#TMP #Manoevres #Wildlife

The bulb in the thermometer

played a little trick

on those flying and scampering

over the gardens outside

By now they’d be hid in the nesting

or heading to warm places away

but till weather is a little bit colder

around the green grass they will stay

Too warm to just be nesting

but too cold to be hanging around

so they’re divebombing on the birdfeeders

while mice and squirrels are over the ground

Animals Zoo


#fowc #Mayhem

There was a great hullabaloo

at the local coastal zoo

the animals were out to play

as Mr Keeper was on holiday

The Lions were playing the rhinos

in a game of five a side

The mummy lions with their cubs

cheering on with pride

The elephants had experienced ice cream

and enjoyed the taste of the fruit

as the penguins watched on, as each ice was gone

the elephants gave a marvellous toot

The bears were visiting their cousins

in their frosty palace by the pool

sharing a dish of the finest fish

while their cubs played away in the cool

The adults on passing were outraged

but the children all laughed and they smiled

as in front of the wall, they saw most of it all

and asked to watch for a while

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How Long?

#promptuarium #spiders

How long? (image c/o

It had been a while since

any plumber had been down

the cellar to check the pipes

the young apprentice

sent down the cellar

was shocked and surprised

to see what she saw

networks of webs

weaved by the occupants

who had taken the place over

It wasn’t the plumber they were frightened of

more the landlord

for they’d been living down there

rent free for years.

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Sleepy Kitty

#octpowrimo #cat

Sleeping content

lying on a rug in the corner

enjoying a wonderful dream

engaging with a big wool ball and

playing with it till tea time

you’d play with it more – but miss

cuts of finest ham , chicken or beef ? dont think so

and until your owner calls, your eyes will stay shut

then you’ll dart off to the kitchen – where your meals lie

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Clever Doggie


Clever Dog (Image : Charles Deluvio)

They say dogs are cleverer than cats

but this one stands tall among the rest

despite the fact he’s rather small

he drives the other dogs bats

for he can skateboard, paint and take on the best

running his opponents for a bone

and while other dogs hit the wall

he’ll take the prize without a moan



#writephoto #bones #dinosaur

Skulls (Image:KL Caley)

The box simply read “unknown”

Bits of various dug up bone

Parts of the prehistoric puzzle

that didn’t match up with

triceratops or stegosaurus’s jigsaw

samples taken – no definitive answer

so they took a rest – in cotton wool

while the t-rex and others sat under starlight

questions remained

as professors hunted for clues

but where would they start – and what would they do

was this a relative of a creature running free?

or parts of a dinosaur – a T-Rex had for Tea?

Animals Colours


#CYW #Beaver

Builder of some wonderful constructions

every day he’s going down stream for materials

and crafting them so they adapt to his home

versatile in the way he places each stick

each one having its own purpose

rivers brooks and

streams keep moving – but he’s directing the flow

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Hiding II

Hiding – An edit by inkdrop from a image from

Nobody can see me from here

i’m tucked up tighter than any ball of wool

in my spot on the corner

it’ll take the sharpest of eagle-eyes

to find me where i am

and if i can’t see where i am

they can’t either