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  • Walking the dog

    Walking the dog

    When you’re walking man’s best friend, it’s always important to let him take the lead from time to time keep up with him, and give him the run of the park it’ll make him want to head back home eventually – even though he’s done this routine from sunrise to sunset.

  • Who’s Dat?

    Who’s Dat?

    #wdys Living up in the hills you could call it a bleak existence but the horses who lived there didn’t mind at all “Hey Mum!” said the foal to his mother “why’s that bale of hay floating up the hill ?” his mother smiled, as she thought for a while and kept nice and still […]

  • Mr Mog

    Mr Mog

    There’s a clever cat , lives down our street with the name of Mr Mog He lives from garden to garden sleeping under trees and logs He entertains the neighbours with balls and scratching posts all and when it comes to teatime Mr Mog is having a ball Corned Beef at Number Seven, Sardines at […]

  • Ribbit


    #writephoto #ribbit a tale of frogs and toads, by inky Floating around the water tank a couple of amphibians from the river bank who followed the clay pipes from the stream and skipped towards the sunlight as if in a dream everything was great in their little home till something from the pipes turned the […]

  • Floating about

    Floating about

    You could call him a “Kamikaze Duck” leaping through the air, like a mountain goat to dive headlong into the H2O He was a little hesitant, when down he did look but he grabbed opportunity by the throat and headed headlong into the wet onlookers over the water – think o no but water on […]

  • Wol


    Hanging about on a tree branch really isn’t much fun I’d much rather be swooping about the blue sky in rays of the sun I watch some bugs moving about around the light green leaves they’re chomping on my bedding the greedy little thieves Out of the Sun Away from the light Awaiting the moon […]

  • Family

    For each family group a sense of togetherness is important Mum and dad teaching the basics of life so In time, when they leave the nest, they’re well prepared to yomp off on their own – not yet though – they need to find their feet.

  • Rising Up

    Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Photo Challenge. Photo credit: Tanya Grant. The trees started off small Tiny compared to their parents The saplings sleeping in their bed of soil The animals that lived there Shared the spoils, feeding the tree while eating the fruit And slowly the trees headed for the sky and from the tops little […]

  • On the Hunt

    He’s off on the hunt again up and down known paths navigating the trees for summat tasty the cubs and his missus want feeding its why he’s on the edge of his territory next thing you know – he’ll be scouring the food bins – or picking off guinea fowl or geese by the riverbank

  • The day the toy store came to life

    #Writeclub #Thedaythetoystorecametolife I It was half day closing for toytown the shopkeepers birthday was here the shopkeeper turned over the “Open” Sign and made his way home without fear II He closed the door behind him and the bell on the door made a ring not knowing what was going to happen and the magic […]