Out of place

#promptuarium #outofplace Tuesday 14th August 2018 I remember meeting her and her Irish red locks sat watching the watersports in the basin i didn’t know her name but she knew mine and sharing a bench everything was fine was it a coincidence she seemed out of place a heavenly body fallen from space

Butterfly II

#Nature #Animals #Insects #Butterfly Salford, 14th August 2018 Born out of the smallest of things Up out of its resting place it comes Travelling between colourful flowers Taking the nectar as it flies Excitement heightened in the garden as it Rounds on the flowers with the most vibrant colours For the most sweet nectar, and…… Continue reading Butterfly II

Taking shelter

Salford, 13th August 2018 #promptuarium #image Come rain or fall your Avis Domestica can always find a friend in a garden tree Keeping out of the sun at the height of the day under shadow of leaves Keeping out of the rain the perfect cover under the branch of an acer tree