Sandy beach


Rhodes, Greece, 19th October

Summers last rays

And a chance of travel

Navigate their way to sandy shores

Definitely the place to get away from the wind and the rain

You will enjoy sinking your feet in soft sand

By the end of the day

Each of your needs will be catered for

As you lie on Grecian sands and

Clear blue seas

Hot weather might be going…enjoy it while it lasts

Little Train


Lindos, 20th October

Little train


To where is travels on

This island paradise

Lindos awaits..

Expect some fun and excitement

The train bell it

Rings out, as it passes it’s destination

Airport might be faster…but it’s not as much fun

In fact the toot of the horn, as you travel, makes you

Never forget your journey

Smiles in the sky


Salford 16th October

#octpowrimo #night #stars #moon #astronomy

Affinity with eeyore

Sees me look up

To the night sky in

Reaction to the news

Our moon has made an appearance in

Northern skies

Out of the clouds it pops

Making the local wildlife smile and

Yelp back Hello Mr moon 😀



#octpowrimo #umbrella #acrostic #life #friends

Monday, 15th October

An acrostic by inky

Problems occur like the morning rain

Reality is, that’s what life has to throw at you

Each little problem, obstacle or challenge

Can topple you in an instant , however

In case you need them … there are

People who can help you,

In your hour of need

They’re there at a moments notice

An umbrella from the topping rain

They’re your friends, pals, buddies

In sight, in rain or shine

On good days or bad

Never forgetting you and bringing a smile



#octpowrimo #acrostic #people #life

Salford 14th October 2018


Look quite solid, when we are born

As we grow up, things change

Shaped by our elders, our teachers, our friends

Then formed by experience

In time, a degree of fluidity comes into play

Creativity, expression, emotion and love

Inscribed onto our characters and

New relationships…creating new


An ink explosion

Life, Media, Poetry

#octpowrimo #ifiwereyou

opinion is a wonderful thing

but after you’ve vented your spleen

across two pages of finest vellum

re read, recollect your thoughts, and rewrite

for once you’ve stuck it in the envelope

and it’s journeyed to the news paper

a different edition of who you are

will be plastered over the letters page

and though you won’t see them

all eyes will turn on you

Falling through the cracks

Nature, Outdoors, Parks, Poetry

#octpowrimo #nature

Salford, 11th October 2018

It’s hard for a seed

To grow up in the big city

As it flies from its mum

And falls to the floor

Drifting in the wind

If lucky, it will land

Onto soft warm soil

But usually, it finds concrete

So it sleeps , and it grows

Fed by the rain

While it finds its own way

Through the sand and the drains

Popping up for sunshine

To the world saying hello

Don’t pull it from the pavement

For a bit, let it grow.

Here’s Another poem on a tree seed Helicopters, feel free to take a look and comment