Indigo paint powder – image from wikipedia #cyw #indigo It’s a colour known for its position on the rainbow nestled between its brother , blue and its sister, violet definately making a statement on the home furnishings front in fabrics, curtains, sofas and carpets garments too – brought to life by this deep dark purplyContinue reading “Indigo”


Salford , 2nd April 2020 Someone is hovering over Salford’s bins every day they’ve been seen – on spying missions and some say – they’re worse than the pigeons gracefully flying through the skies until the bins on the waterside are looking full – likelihood is – they’ll chance their luck – with a lassContinue reading “Seagulls”


Salford, 31st March 2020 A poem on the sun going down by inky – its been published by Forward Poetry, appeared on Luna’s blog at and now its back home – enjoy the read……… The pebbles on the shorewere picked up and stackedfor skimming on the sea Stacked with carePrecariously balancedThe wind made themContinue reading “Sunset”


Salford (Via Llandudno) , 31st March 2020 A tale of Goats in the welsh town of Llandudno, written by inky, inspired by an ITV News article : The Goats are taking over and they’re heading into town they’re happy to play, no-one to chase them away for their shepherd’s gone to ground The cars haveContinue reading “Takeover”


#fowc #belligerent Statesmen like ? hardly sat by his plinth, like someone had confiscated his toy basket all they wanted, was the facts all they got was bluster to the max as the virus spreaded, and reacts reports he wasn’t listening to positions he stuck himself like glue his collegues wandering what to do ?Continue reading “belligerent”


Salford. 26th March 2020 In the time’s of this nasty virus It’s very good to know Mother nature’s sent out a message and the birds have said hello For while we’ve been in isolation our friends with their wings have flown by to give us some pleasant distraction from the news that’s been catching ourContinue reading “Visitors”