Colours Poetry


#CYW #Periwinkle


Dancing around in the lightest of breezes

bringing a spot of colour to parks and gardens

before the frost comes in

the ground you sit in determines your colour

sometimes you’re pink, sometimes you’re purple

but most of the time you’re as blue as the sky above you

and you shore up your fellow flowers

the daffodils and tulips keeping them standing tall

while the breeze of the wind goes through the park

Autumn Nature Poetry Seasons Weather Winter

Collars Up

#Socs #Collarsup

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Considering its not the warmest

Outside, and it

Looks like autumnal weather is here

Like an old friend

Application of a Woollen Jumper or Scarf might be in order

Really good Duffelcoat or Waterproof to keep out the rain

Something tells me we’re going to need it

Until mother nature allows the mercury to rise – its best to

Prepare….stay indoors if you don’t have to go out – wrap up if you do

Food Fruit Poetry


#CYW #Peach

Autumn Red Peaches (Image by B.F Kirkham)

Picked from the trees in the hills of Asia

each fruit furry to the touch

and juicy with every bite – just watch out for the stone in the middle

can be eaten on its own, or with custard or cream

hot out of the oven – its wonderful in a pie or a flan


School Reunion

13th September 2020

The “Reunion” Photo (Image by BF Kirkham)

The picture says it all,

the mass of children, now grown up

outside a hostelry

The gents haven’t changed much

Though some have shot up in size

Dwarfing those who had to jump a little higher

The ladies in their grand attire

with every colour of the rainbow on show

something to brighten up an admirers eye

but making an appearance – that lad at the back

you havent seen in a while

the one with the wild and wacky hair

the one that made everybody smile


Murdered at the wedding feast

Note to the reader – No one was harmed in the creation of this poem 🙂

It seemed that all was looking well

as the bride made her way down the aisle

and the vows were said with grace

the decorations made the hall look swell

As her bridesmaids escorted her in style to a hall,

where food of Heston Blumenthal ,

was served up in a most grand place

on silver platters Wall to Wall.

All seemed well, till after the dance

and the cooks brought in the wedding cake

the hotel located by a railway line

All would be well, you would thought the chance

as an express went past the floor began to shake

and tiers of the cake, began to fall

they saved three tiers – but what of the rest? was it fine?

ask the page boys under the table where it sat by the wall


Summers End

There’s a definite change in the air

although he’s there – you don’t see the sun as much

longer nights, shorter days

expect the palette on the trees to change

on the whole – there’s signs that winter is on her way

frosty mornings covering fallen autumn leaves

a mass of crispy leaves amass

under the trees that once held them

to the wildlife its a sign to check the supplies and get

under the covers till the arrival of spring

munching on supplies before drifting off to sleep

night owls staying by their nests



#writephoto #twilight

Sat on a bench

taking in the last of the sun’s daily allocation of rays

in that moment of time tween day and night

looking out for luna popping out from behind the marshmallows

lighting up the sky as ra dips below the horizon

Nature Places Poetry


Written for this week’s Photo Challenge from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie. Photo credit: Aleksandar Pasaric on

They Call it “Modern Living”

as they rise up to the sky

colourful boxes in formation

thirty or fourty miles high

You would definately call it colourful

You could also call it cosy

You could even call it sardine-like

as you give your neighbours a nosy

Some like the format of it all

as they talk to the neighbours ‘cross the way

but some don’t like the shadows

its night in the middle of the day

Balconies round a patch of green

which after sundown, isn’t often seen

watching the clouds pass in the sky

and seeing the odd bird fly by


Knights Tale

Lindos Town, Greece featured in this poem…..(Image by Inky)

A Knight rode fast through Lindos town

looking for a damsel in distress

alas he ended up wearing a frown

as dogged merchants in their dress,

elated to see him, selling their wares

emptying his pockets without any cares

so instead of a bed – he’s sleeping with his horses inth’ yard

resting his head on bales of straw hard


Re-entry to Reality

#Writeclub #Lockdown

Written by Inky on 25th August as part of a writeclub exercise.

They say its back to normal
no matter what the lab says
its time to get back to business
and money making ways

But walking round the lanes and streets
it seems the people that you meet
haven’t quite grabbed the ministers task
they’re walking around – still wearing a mask

And they’re calling the vollies, that mightiest of crews
to aid in a time, of the grimmest of news
but watch as the grimace begins to show
when co-ordinators all are told, sharply, no.

Perhaps they’ll find that antidote
and maybe they’ll think – next time they vote
for walking around with the bug in the air
instead of thinking of health – its piggybanks there