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On the Hunt

Image c/o Pobble365

He’s off on the hunt again

up and down known paths

navigating the trees for summat tasty

the cubs and his missus want feeding

its why he’s on the edge of his territory

next thing you know – he’ll be scouring the food bins – or picking off

guinea fowl or geese by the riverbank

Acrostic Poetry

Lamp post

#writephoto #lamppost

Lining the city streets

a touch of craftsmanship,

making the green spaces safe for

pedestrians to walk about at night

of course, their lights are turned off when the

sun is at its height

that’s when people sit on the park bench nearby it



#Socs #Fortune

Council employees

often get additional bonuses on top of

usual salaries

not that you would notice

collecting the coins dropped down the street

in the futile attempt to get the

last vehicle home after a night out on the town

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Life writing

Filling the page

#socs #page

It’s the quandary of any writer – professional or otherwise

brace yourself – a blank page

if you have a prompt – well that’s a start

but if you haven’t – you’re falling on that part of your mind that

invents and creates

inspiration from the things around you

what’s that bird that’s just flown by

the animal that’s just scampered through the back yard

chased by the spotted moggy from across the way

that’s dived out of the way of the bin man

his amber lights flashing past the window

as he feeds his hungry trash collector

you can hear it chomping beyond the double glazing

before the refuse team get back in their cab

and the trash collector heads off for another snack

as for our furry friend – she’s pawing at the neighbours door

where fish awaits for breakfast

Come to think of it – its time for a little something

As for the page – its full

(and you said you couldn’t come up with anything!)

Cities Outdoors People

ideal view

Photo Credit: Caters


From the top of the tower

he had an ideal view

of the comings and goings

down below

Looking down

he could see

all the cars and the buses

making their way through the big city

And as they moved

through the city

big as they were – the people

looked like tiny ants

And as he looked at them

A small group of ants

looked up at his viewpoint

where he was sitting

Cats Outdoors Poetry

Adventures of an inner city moggy

Salford , 12th August 2021

Photo by Alice Castro on

He’s back home again,

heading through the gap in the gate – like nothing’s happened

Having spent many hours of yesterday evening and this morning

Hotfooting around his old haunts and

Helping himself to the finer things

His city can offer him – you know the stuff

Hotel and guesthouse kitchens tend to throw out…it’s a

Hunter’s delight if you know where to look

Heaven only knows what he’s been enjoying while you’ve been

Held fast in your bed – everything from

Hot Salmon to Fried cod.


Wild Watermelon

#CYW #wild #watermelon

Photo by Daniel Dan on

Well, Fancy seeing that

a fruit you don’t normally see

that’s now up in the tall green trees in the park

every fruit is currently holding on for dear life as its a

right royal drop to the floor from where it is

might be nice in slices – but i don’t like it mushed up

even the squirrels are taking cover – can you imagine one o’ those

landing on top of you

of course – the fruit would rather be in a tropical breeze – not a city one

no wonder they’re wild!

Birds Photography

The last photo


Created in response to the last photo

Yeah, its strange –

two birds sharing a neighbours roof –

it could have been something else,

a shot taken in the park – or maybe by the waters of the quayside,

but then it would have been nothing more than a mere copy

of something i’d taken days , weeks or months before

a magpie and a pigeon – taking a load off

and wondering which cloud to fly into next


Wild Upminster


While the humans are sleeping

under the sodium lamps – the animals party

up and down the streets they go

playing in the peoples greens and

carefully trimmed fruit tree

They’re making a wonderous din

crashing over wheelie bins and feasting on the leftovers

all hidden from human ear by two plates of glass

when they are woken by the carnival

it’s just passed on by

Sleeping in their fox holes

or hidey holes in the trees

there’s just the litter pickers patrolling

picking up the remains of the night before

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Feathers in a flap

Napowrimo day 17

Falcon, bird of prey

Feast your eyes, while I tell you a tale

While we’ve all been indoors, the birds without fail

Have landed en-masse in the public squares

And landing on rooftops without a care

There once was an answer, keeping birds in check

But till he returns, theyve darned us to heck

Leaving a real mess out on the street

Leaving the cleaners a challenging feat

They say if he comes back, the pigeons will flee

But till then, they sit on rooftops with glee

So look up at the skies, as he returns with stealth

On a mission to improve the citizens health