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  • Commonwealth

    #commonwealth #games #sport #culture #Queen They’re meeting up in Birmingham like Glasgow and Manchester before to take part in the friendly games and go for medals galore From Canada and Australia they’ll gather and from Caribbean Islands they’ll meet to take part in a number of sporting events some that are down your street And […]

  • Mercury Rising

    Mercury Rising

    #Summer Most would think it crazy – everybody under umbrellas on a summers day reality is the solar winds have rested coming over the city centre up in the azure blue sky – there’s a few clouds but reach isn’t that far – and you really don’t want it to rain , so you head […]

  • The Run

    The Run

    a mix of smiles, laughter and cheers

  • On the Hunt

    He’s off on the hunt again up and down known paths navigating the trees for summat tasty the cubs and his missus want feeding its why he’s on the edge of his territory next thing you know – he’ll be scouring the food bins – or picking off guinea fowl or geese by the riverbank

  • Lamp post

    Lamp post

    #writephoto #lamppost Lining the city streets a touch of craftsmanship, making the green spaces safe for pedestrians to walk about at night of course, their lights are turned off when the sun is at its height that’s when people sit on the park bench nearby it

  • Fortune


    #Socs #Fortune Council employees often get additional bonuses on top of usual salaries not that you would notice collecting the coins dropped down the street in the futile attempt to get the last vehicle home after a night out on the town

  • Filling the page

    #socs #page It’s the quandary of any writer – professional or otherwise brace yourself – a blank page if you have a prompt – well that’s a start but if you haven’t – you’re falling on that part of your mind that invents and creates inspiration from the things around you what’s that bird that’s […]

  • ideal view

    #MLMM From the top of the tower he had an ideal view of the comings and goings down below Looking down he could see all the cars and the buses making their way through the big city And as they moved through the city big as they were – the people looked like tiny ants […]

  • Adventures of an inner city moggy

    Adventures of an inner city moggy

    Salford , 12th August 2021 He’s back home again, heading through the gap in the gate – like nothing’s happened Having spent many hours of yesterday evening and this morning Hotfooting around his old haunts and Helping himself to the finer things His city can offer him – you know the stuff Hotel and guesthouse […]

  • Wild Watermelon

    Wild Watermelon

    #CYW #wild #watermelon Well, Fancy seeing that a fruit you don’t normally see that’s now up in the tall green trees in the park every fruit is currently holding on for dear life as its a right royal drop to the floor from where it is might be nice in slices – but i don’t […]