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  • Reach for the Stars

    #Writeclub #Ambition With thanks to Matt @ Writeclub for the prompt…. When you were young do you remember those flights of fancy? played out in the playground by the school Pirate Ships Captains Goodies and Baddies Cowboys and Indians led by The milky bar kid Or flying up to space to see who’s living on […]

  • The Clattering of Blinds

    #Writeclub #Blinds with a nod to Georgia @ Writeclub! They keep the sharp light out It’s why they were installed and send a message to all outside you’re not available to call But there are some nosey parkers who use these things for fun as you hear turn of the gears letting in the peek […]

  • Exhale

    #WDYS #Napowrimo Time to take a moment…. Three day weekends are there To be enjoyed not laboured through Take a while to move your feet through a spring green full of flowers tip toe through the tulips (or daffodils) Take a moment, to enjoy what’s around you enjoy a sandwich and cake under a tree […]

  • Something tiny that changes everything

    Something tiny that changes everything

    #Writeclub #Napowrimo #Nature #Life #Water with a nod to Mark @ Writeclub for the prompt. I A small cloud went on a wonder from the west down to the east II A Small Seed was planted by a child helping her mum and dad III The small cloud watered the spot where the small seed […]

  • In this City

    #writeclub #napowrimo They built a place by a running stream Technology basic but builders keen It was the beginning of the city Basic wells grew in size to the chieftains surprise and mud and straw to create huts were changed for stone – hewn and cut Houses needed food so they built some farms and […]

  • How do you live with yourself

    #writeclub #napowrimo an early one, written in the wee small hours in the morning with thanks to EM Williams @ writeclub for the prompt How do i live with myself ? Its tricky My shadow blends in to the Sudden darkness of night, only appearing in Exceptional circumstances Like when the bedroom light is on […]

  • Moving House

    #Promptuarium A few books A few pens And his camera A Selection of Clothes And A Santa Claus Mug All heading on to pastures new Away from the place he always knew Along with a friend – his old teddy bear Soon to be in a Bedroom – Atop some new stairs

  • Fortune


    #Socs #Fortune Council employees often get additional bonuses on top of usual salaries not that you would notice collecting the coins dropped down the street in the futile attempt to get the last vehicle home after a night out on the town

  • Morning Lessons

    Morning Lessons

    #Learning This morning i learnt you don’t have to have milk with everything News can wait till after you’ve woken up The sound of passing traffic can be quite relaxing (through two panes of double glazing) Never trust the weatherman (leave the umbrella by the front door) Grab each moment as it comes – and […]

  • Filling the page

    #socs #page It’s the quandary of any writer – professional or otherwise brace yourself – a blank page if you have a prompt – well that’s a start but if you haven’t – you’re falling on that part of your mind that invents and creates inspiration from the things around you what’s that bird that’s […]