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  • Sunday Afternoon Photo Challenge

    August 2022 Following on from last months 1 to 3 challenge from the Squirrelchase – i’ve continued with the photo editing and found a lovely garden pottery photo to play with! Here’s who we will be playing with this week Here’s the pencil drawing created using Smart Photo….would have taken hours drawing this – with […]

  • Mr Mog

    Mr Mog

    There’s a clever cat , lives down our street with the name of Mr Mog He lives from garden to garden sleeping under trees and logs He entertains the neighbours with balls and scratching posts all and when it comes to teatime Mr Mog is having a ball Corned Beef at Number Seven, Sardines at […]

  • Statue

    I began life as a granite block hewn from a northern cliff – leaving mum wasn’t fun the grand artist and i got on for a while as he and his team chipped away at me creating a monument to a local dignitary it was warm in the workshop and hard as i am his […]

  • Caterpillar


    #insects Chomping away at a fresh green leaf till its time for bed time expect to see him hanging on the red-brown branch till its time to prise himself out of his sleeping bag if you watch – you’ll notice something different about him lovely coloured wings with lots of patterns on them as he […]

  • There’s a dragon in the garden

    #writeclub There’s a dragon in the garden making people smile he was placed on the path, by the daffodils and he’s been there for quite a while See when the moon is full and made its rise the people passing by get a wonderful surprise you might just be thinking of who, what and why […]

  • Watch your step!

    #WDYS It was somewhat fortunate that you were in the vicinity of a nearby bird-bath treacherously negotiating uneven sandstone underneath your feet The glass was held but the contents flying headlong – towards the pub pond leaping large fish acknowledging your efforts to drop the waters temperature looking back – no oasis of calm on […]

  • Dull

    #fowc #dull They’re dependable – they always have been but i couldn’t see them tripping the light fandango and while you can be seen with them pruning back the garden it’s unlikely you’ll be coasting across the dancefloor not without a real clean and some fresh polish to breathe some life into those shoes

  • In the beginning….

    #writeclub #garden It started as a plot of land owned by a farmer – who used it as fodder for his cows and sheep in the wintertime Fencing went up as the cows and sheep moved into another field and a “For sale” Sign rose up Nearby cottage owners clubbed together and as the farmer […]

  • Open Garden

    #Writephoto #Garden Outwards, the garden gate swings presenting a spot for everyone to enjoy sometime amongst the nice weather, amongst the fragrant flowers Of course, the garden presents the perfect opportunity to enjoy a sandwich lunch out on the greens not forgetting a slice of your favourite cake….

  • Lamp post

    Lamp post

    #writephoto #lamppost Lining the city streets a touch of craftsmanship, making the green spaces safe for pedestrians to walk about at night of course, their lights are turned off when the sun is at its height that’s when people sit on the park bench nearby it