Learning your Lesson

#Napowrimo #writeclub #Learning with a nod to Leanne @ Writeclub for the prompt I Learning begins as soon as your born as you’ve got to waddle across the floor to get to your soft toys II Instruction comes from your elders touching something hot if you don’t know what you’re doing leads to singed littleContinue reading “Learning your Lesson”


#socs #mash #napowrimo #day18 Growing Up there were moments i couldn’t stomach whole foods The magic drink coloured bright orange was a staple between meal times a weapon in the kitchen armoury four silver prongs taking on vegetable, meat or fruit Tomatoes i’d eat after being crushed and beat and served up on bread toContinue reading “Mashed”

Through the garden gate

#promptuarium #garden #gate There’s a whole world ahead of you when your legs and toes are only little navigating the blanket surrounded by a sea of green and colourful edible flowers it seems like a great adventure but as you grow – those big things beyond the blanket seem smaller than they were and youContinue reading “Through the garden gate”


They say love is blind but upon meeting in our garden these two little birds have set up house in a spruce by the lawn and have had a little family Jealous rivals tried to evict but the long wing of avian justice soon sent the magpies packing So the little bird family have theirContinue reading “Lovebirds”


I Building blocks of different shape and colour Teach all sorts of useful skill And its lots of fun when they fall over II They might call you a marvel of language but you’ve got to engage with the locals if you want to order your lunch III Your eye is the best judge butContinue reading “Practice”


#fowc #squeegee Someone’s idea of being Alan Sugar for a day qualified ? hardly….but we were definitely equipped up to our eyeballs in sponges, window mops and extremely soapy water. each car getting the full wash gratefully receiving payment for the work we did everyone making sure each car was bright as a button forContinue reading “Squeegee”


I Holding on to a big hand when very little II Little spoons for eating up mushed up rusks III Counter-weight as wobbly feet master walking IV Calculation , English and Art Mastered over weeks months and years With help from Mum and Dad V Pulling on Shirts, Jumpers and Trousers On way to bigContinue reading “Hands”