Category: Childhood

  • Why?


    #Socs #Why Why? The question that never gets answered dominoes topple as answers given get followed up with the same question and you find instead of a straight road it’s bent and formed to something circular where your answers lead back to the obvious question Why

  • Flashback

    #socs #flashback Flooding back lovingly recomposed a compilation of childhood favourites software (Games) of yesteryear, once held on twenty to thirty floppy discs becomes easily accessible through the aid of silicon chips and takes you back to happier days chasing ghosts around a power pill maze king of the video game era.

  • Stains

    #writeclub #garden #childhood Laundry day never seems to go away Multi coloured spots or patches in random patterns on tops, shorts and dungarees Banana Butties and Chocolate Spread Mingle with Raspberry Ripple ice cream or Mixed fruit Squash And joined in the mix a whole host of wildflowers where the wearer moved around the garden […]

  • Vanish


    #Fowc #Vanish Where’d you go ? Like the magicians assistant, in a magic act and the fingerprints rubbed off the glass you’ve gone from sight – and thats a fact not in the house – you’re out on the grass but just as i thought – without fear as soon as you’ve been seen – […]

  • Ransom

    #Fowc #Ransom Really – its an act of desperation a note of demand left nearby where your beloved teddy bear once was so you get him back – they want the contents of your piggy bank or something shiny in exchange maybe you’ll agree – or perhaps you’ll send in mum and dad.

  • Reach for the Stars

    #Writeclub #Ambition With thanks to Matt @ Writeclub for the prompt…. When you were young do you remember those flights of fancy? played out in the playground by the school Pirate Ships Captains Goodies and Baddies Cowboys and Indians led by The milky bar kid Or flying up to space to see who’s living on […]

  • Moving House

    #Promptuarium A few books A few pens And his camera A Selection of Clothes And A Santa Claus Mug All heading on to pastures new Away from the place he always knew Along with a friend – his old teddy bear Soon to be in a Bedroom – Atop some new stairs

  • Watching Angel

    #WDYS Its not as if you missed him at Christmas but when you put all the decorations away at twelfth night – a couple of them found resting places around the house so kids , you’d best be on your behaviour best for this crack team – won’t be put to the test and if […]

  • Anything with chips

    Charles George William Dupree is a funny little kid – his parent’s agree he’ll eat breakfast and dinner – without any fuss but there’s something the doctors need to discuss Why little Charlie will eat all on his plate if only there’s a helping of chips to wait Now fish and chips are whats called […]

  • Play


    #fowc #play Play , they say is important in a little ones life and with christmas there’s plenty to engage with yet – what do you find them playing with? Possibly – it’ll be the blocks lined around the living room and perhaps – it could be the teddy bears yet , no it’s not […]