Reach for the Stars

#Writeclub #Ambition With thanks to Matt @ Writeclub for the prompt…. When you were young do you remember those flights of fancy? played out in the playground by the school Pirate Ships Captains Goodies and Baddies Cowboys and Indians led by The milky bar kid Or flying up to space to see who’s living onContinue reading “Reach for the Stars”

Watching Angel

#WDYS Its not as if you missed him at Christmas but when you put all the decorations away at twelfth night – a couple of them found resting places around the house so kids , you’d best be on your behaviour best for this crack team – won’t be put to the test and ifContinue reading “Watching Angel”

Anything with chips

Charles George William Dupree is a funny little kid – his parent’s agree he’ll eat breakfast and dinner – without any fuss but there’s something the doctors need to discuss Why little Charlie will eat all on his plate if only there’s a helping of chips to wait Now fish and chips are whats calledContinue reading “Anything with chips”


#fowc #play Play , they say is important in a little ones life and with christmas there’s plenty to engage with yet – what do you find them playing with? Possibly – it’ll be the blocks lined around the living room and perhaps – it could be the teddy bears yet , no it’s notContinue reading “Play”


#writephoto #toybox #Christmas #toybox #writephoto The christmas toys lay scattered on the floor of the playroom yet over in the corner – a solution sat bear was waiting to greet the blocks and other fun stuff – freshly unwrapped while little un played xylophone – the others headed inside


it began quite simply with a litmus test sorting out acids from alkalis colours red and blue reactions of tiny pellets in beakers of different solution watching them dance in the bubbles as they fizzed away changing solutions creating new things turning acids and alkalis into physical coloured crystal with combination and evaporation