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  • Murmation

    Somethings…..happening. Wings a flutter, as the weather changes And the flocks decide where they’re off to Lifting up in the air and Landing to ground, Land where they can fill up till their next destination Overseas ? West East or South Wherever – they’re headed for somewhere warm Snow and Ice ? Show us the […]

  • Pastie

    #Food #Pastie #Acrostic Possibly, you could call it a Marvel – King of Street Food a combination of fine meat and vegetables in a seasonally brought together in a sumptuous pastry filling that not only keeps the pastry enclosed, but also its handy, as you can walk down the street as you enjoy its contents

  • Vigil

    #Memorial #Requiem Very solemn service in remembrance of someone gratefully appreciated in the villages, towns, and cities loss – cannot be measured debt – equally so

  • Transit

    #fowc #Transit There it goes, heading down the road at regulation speed after being packed with breakfast goodies galore night time lit up by the tungsten bulbs soon they’ll be at their destination – where the fork-lift is waiting patiently then, they’ll be stacked up on the shelves for the shoppers to buy

  • Writer

    #fowc #Writer When there’s a story to be told right there you’ll find him it’s what he does telling you a tale of exceptional drama – he’s like a reporter , but he might dress it up to keep your attention

  • Umbrella


    #Socs #u #Umbrella Unless you’ve not noticed My regular use isn’t required in the summer months But there are other ways i can be used, as Radiation bounces on grassy floors – little un’s Expect a bit of cover from the sunshine so as Lemonade is drunk with some nice cakes and buns – i […]

  • Mercury Rises (Again)

    #weather #seasons #summer Maybe there’s a change on the way expectations say – Odin is ready to throw a bolt or two rounded off with a clap of thunder – the weather angels cry at the very thought – particularly when the thermometer is up there in the thirties reality is as the liquid metal […]

  • Wallpaper

    #Socs #Wallpaper When you look at it closely, it creates a lovely scene around the room you’re decorating long rolls of paper, ready to be hung on the wall lengths meeting so the picture it creates is perched at a perfect angle predictably, it’ll have its detractors everybody is entitled to their own opinion – […]

  • Hanging about

    #cloud #summer So, there’s not much to do if you’re a cloud unless you count floating around mid-way in the blue sky mother nature suggested a game of tag, but every other clouds doesn’t like the idea of running around

  • Elements

    Each thing on the planet links to another in one way or form examining the ground, you’ll find more than just a home for your carrots and peas each grain of soil contains metals and compounds nutrition that goes into the vegetables to keep you nice and healthy small, the amounts. you dont want to […]