#socs #rest

Relaxation is what the weekend is for

everyone should take their foot of the gas

Saturdays and Sundays are meant to put your feet up

those that don’t – get two days off some place else in the week

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Acrostic Poetry



Getting to the top

of your personal mountain

isn’t the achievement

next thing is

getting the balance to stay there

New targets in sight

often come from

winning the original battle

however, despite how

easy you might see it

reality is – having reached the top

expect a challenge on your spot



#fowc #course

Follow the direction

of your career map

like the waterway its named after

loads of bends and turns you’ll have to negotiate

of course – your tutors call em “Modules”

when you’ve completed it

its possible you could work in a firm or perhaps

next – college or university

greatness awaits.

Poetry writing

The Dry Tide

a piece by b.f.kirkham

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Chaos! – The post it Sea……

It started with a post-it note

a simple square post-it note

coloured bright blue

so the recipient could read it

the sender popped it on the corner of the screen

so the recipient could read it

A second blue post it note

was placed alongside it

a little darker in tone

maybe so the recipient would read it

the second sender thought – making it darker

might make the recipient read it first

Day followed hour – and the post it notes spread

covering the screen like a papernote bed

behind the bed the monitor did go

and its fans moved the post it notes – to and fro

with the lights from the monitor – it looked like a wave

and soon that is how the post-its behaved

Recipient returned to the monitor screen

the rainbow of messages – he wasn’t too keen

but as he moved to see a chink of light

careful as he was – and try as he might

the post-its cascaded in a wave on his spot

over his keyboard like a colourful blot

So for two days straight, he worked night and day

answering the post-it messages, no time to play

making the calls that he should have done first

and answering queries with his best not his worst

as the colours made way, and enquiries disappeared

his pathway to his keyboard, was at last cleared


Lazy Squirrel


I’d never considered

this particular rodent

at all lazy

That’s till i saw

two particular greys

managing their stores

for while the hard worker

climbed the trees for hazelnuts

the lazy one simply took one from the bottom of his pals pile

Could you call him lazy?

or extremely clever

grabbing the spoils for half the effort

Health Life


#Napowrimo #day16 #dentist #filling

a Rendezvous with

the local dentistry led

to some major works

Scrape clean and Polish

the very least of my woes

One filling out – one in

Something delivered

to ease any sort of pain

they call Novacaine

Screeching excavation

filled in with minty cement

hardened with bright light

Old Pearly Gnashers

Shiny Whiter and gleaming

filling feeling – like a dream

Moral for Today

cut down on the sweet fillings

ham instead of jam



#thought #definition

Alternate definition : where writing implements sleep

crafted from the finest tree

a spot where writing implements

relax before pursuing their art

engaging colour shape and form on paper or canvas

fulfilling the artists ideas and concepts

until the task is done, only then will they

lie down and take a nap


Throwing the dice


They say that cats are lucky

They say they’ll always thrive

They say they’re just like humans

with character and drive

one thing they don’t tell you

you’re happy to be alive


Playing cards with the reaper

as if you have the time

listening to the clock hand

or even the bells chime

wasting your life in a worry

should be considered a crime


Getting out when you can get about

Watching the dice as they land

Trying to avoid disappointment

if results are not what you planned

filling a space and enjoying it

and appreciated ? Grand!

Poetry Schooldays


#Invisible #life

It’s not easy being invisible….

at first i thought it would be fun

playing tricks in the playground

on each and everyone

Hiding away from the teachers gaze

while creating work that would amaze

drawing cartoons on the board in chalk

and puzzling teachers as out of class i’d walk

Occasionally the dinner staff would see me there

and fellow classmates would wonder where

i’d appeared like a rabbit – out of a hat

i said i was in the labs – and that was that

But the one girl who really caught my eye

smiled at me as i was eating my pie –

for she could see my visage coming down the stairs

and blew me a kiss – as i wasn’t aware.

Acrostic Volunteering


#Socs #Val #Valued


as you know – they don’t get paid but

lots of them sign up for the tasks they are given – it’s

up to them how many hours they do but

every day you’ll see them – aiding the cause

day by day – doing jobs for more esteem than finance