Growing up Learning

Learning your Lesson

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with a nod to Leanne @ Writeclub for the prompt


Learning begins

as soon as your born

as you’ve got to waddle

across the floor

to get to your soft toys



comes from your elders

touching something hot

if you don’t know what you’re doing

leads to singed little fingers

in ice cold water


One plus One Equals Too

English and Maths a vital skill

creativity with paints and clay and materials

Equally important

If you want to make a shelf, or a bowl or a spoon


Mistakes, they say

a learning experience

particularly in the kitchen arena

no need to put two spoons of spice in – one will do

unless you’re making a fiery dish


Warning Signs – aren’t there for decoration

despite their bright colour

building sites aren’t adventure playgrounds

even if they look like an obstacle course

dares lead to dangerous flights – and the hospital wing



A response to Scott Coe’s #Syntax Poetry Festival Prompt

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You can’t call it a school

I don’t see blackboards, I don’t see books

Drills , Hammers and Saws make up the look

creative types – making things from wood

or metal and plastic – if they think they should

learning the skills of a noble craft

creating hooks for the cloakrooms in th’aft

what is the achievement ? summat to hang on the wall

something flashy and colourful – for a designer to call

and designed and created in appropriate time

and housed in a home – something flashy, sublime

Art Arts Domestic Poetry Schooldays


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I remember in school

being given a time tables square

we’d sit in class

and for five minutes

go over the tables

over and over again

We’d make things

from Balsa and clay

and off to mum and dad

we’d take them away

but unlike times tables

the creations were made – our way

I was in a store – the other day

and took an interest of plates and jars

all looking the same with patterns, dots and bars

no element of craft – all made by machine

I don’t think my Art teacher – would be so keen

Learning Life

Never too old


Image credit; Sasint @ Pixabay

While Nanna taught the little uns

about life before they were born

the crops grown on the farm

and animals that lived there

there was always something

she could learn from her grandson

like how to get the seeds for the fields

in lightning speed – and all through the click of a button



#fowc #course

Follow the direction

of your career map

like the waterway its named after

loads of bends and turns you’ll have to negotiate

of course – your tutors call em “Modules”

when you’ve completed it

its possible you could work in a firm or perhaps

next – college or university

greatness awaits.

Scouting Scouts

The new scout section

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Imagine my surprise to see

something to make me smile at tea

reminding me of a place

that brought a smile upon my face

I was once a young cub scout

and played with others and learned about

making things, and knots and tents

and camping outside, quite content

I remember the beavers – who wanted to be cubs

and the games and activities , picking out grubs

making things for mum and dad

and telling them of the fun that they had

Now there’s a section – for younger ones too

They call em the “Squirrels” (I know they’re new!)

doing the things scouty for fun

and jumping and around and having a run

With Squirrels and Beavers and Wolfcubs abound

The scout families healthy with lots of em round

learning new things , in enjoyment and play

and enjoying themselves each and every day

Animals Family Poetry Sea Water


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Fish and Crockpots Image c/o KL Caley

Down on the ocean bed

the things around make a wonderful home

while the kids are learning at school

mum and dad are servicing their little home

keeping it ship-shape while

looking after their baby eggs

sheltered from prying eyes

Growing up Learning Poetry

Back to school again



a time announcing –

the summer is over. No more

creating sandcastles on the beach or

hearing the breakers hitting the shore

exercise books and pencils at the ready

learning has begun again

Unless they’ve sent you to “Big School”, your

New kit will be much like your old one

It identifies you as one of the school you see

Forms keep you and your class mates together

Of course, there are times these are

Rearranged – and to

Many – this can lead to tears

Buildings modernised

Learning now mixed

A combination of exercise books and

Computerised tablets

Key skills shown on paper, whilst

Boys and Girls search for answers

Over the invisible “Cloud”

Reading is still to be found in the library – even if its alongside

Alternatives are available

Digital Alternatives

Poetry Technology

Making the pieces fit

#fowc #modular


To keep the prices down

The chair and desk you are sitting at

Take a different form from the one in the showroom

They all fit flat to fit in the back of the car and

There’s a handy little hexagonal key – to help you fix

The pieces together


Technology is a funny thing….

They’re handing out computers in the form of kits

To the school children in Technology class

There’s a main board and lots of little add ons

to connect to it

there’s smiles all round – with lights and sounds galore


The strange thing about all of this –

there’s always one piece of the electric jigsaw

that doesn’t seem to fit

tweeks and turns you’ll try to get it in the box

then it’ll go back in the box – the cardboard one – for its not on the instructions

Character Learning

Getting there


based on the prompt “if you fail, try again”

Achievement they say,

is a wonderful thing.

He left the grand halls of learning

with each wrinkle on his worn face

turning upwards

Plenty of Sand had

made its way through

this learners egg timer

Perseverance – the key

and the cracking of those

Mystical codes – they call formulae

Younger peers – had scaled the tops

but it didn’t matter to this elderly pops

for years he’d had to settle for “D”s

but now in Maths – he’d got a “C”