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  • National Poetry Day

    #Nationalpoetryday #UnitedKingdom #Education #Poetry A poem for National Poetry Day in UK – My Octpowrimo is on now too – just click the link.

  • Silent

    #Socs #Silent It’s no wonder the dictionary is so full today letters seem to have tip-toed in without a sound chorus of approval from teachers as characters wrangle their way in like dark knights entering the castle crescent as you write, the letters appear like ghosts but read them out wrong – in class – […]

  • Family

    For each family group a sense of togetherness is important Mum and dad teaching the basics of life so In time, when they leave the nest, they’re well prepared to yomp off on their own – not yet though – they need to find their feet.

  • Learning your Lesson

    #Napowrimo #writeclub #Learning with a nod to Leanne @ Writeclub for the prompt I Learning begins as soon as your born as you’ve got to waddle across the floor to get to your soft toys II Instruction comes from your elders touching something hot if you don’t know what you’re doing leads to singed little […]

  • Workshop


    A response to Scott Coe’s #Syntax Poetry Festival Prompt You can’t call it a school I don’t see blackboards, I don’t see books Drills , Hammers and Saws make up the look creative types – making things from wood or metal and plastic – if they think they should learning the skills of a noble […]

  • Repetitive

    #fowc #repetitive I remember in school being given a time tables square we’d sit in class and for five minutes go over the tables over and over again We’d make things from Balsa and clay and off to mum and dad we’d take them away but unlike times tables the creations were made – our […]

  • Never too old

    #WDYS While Nanna taught the little uns about life before they were born the crops grown on the farm and animals that lived there there was always something she could learn from her grandson like how to get the seeds for the fields in lightning speed – and all through the click of a button

  • Course

    #fowc #course Follow the direction of your career map like the waterway its named after loads of bends and turns you’ll have to negotiate of course – your tutors call em “Modules” when you’ve completed it its possible you could work in a firm or perhaps next – college or university greatness awaits.

  • The new scout section

    The new scout section

    #scouts #squirrels #beavers #cubs #ventures #explorers #network Imagine my surprise to see something to make me smile at tea reminding me of a place that brought a smile upon my face I was once a young cub scout and played with others and learned about making things, and knots and tents and camping outside, quite […]

  • Subsea


    #writephoto #subsea Fish and Crockpots Image c/o KL Caley Down on the ocean bed the things around make a wonderful home while the kids are learning at school mum and dad are servicing their little home keeping it ship-shape while looking after their baby eggs sheltered from prying eyes