Family Photos

#Mum #Dad #Family Captured in a moment of relative calm, A happy occasion with four or five generations gathered round Man of the moment sat slap bang in the centre, wondering what all the Excitement is all about, too little to Realise – he’s getting all the attention from the rest of the clan AsContinue reading “Family Photos”


#fowc #churlish Salford, 30th August 2019 A response for fandangos prompt, taken from a memory Now that’s a fine way to act, as you sit with your arms crossed on the corner of the cobbled street. throwing a strop and calling people names is really lady like – isn’t it ? I’ve seen you pullContinue reading “Churlish”

In other words – Footprints on the beach

in response to three sets of feet – Walking on the Sand Rendezvous with candy floss Sweet stuff acquired – but only two pairs of feet Smaller pair of toes, treated by Big Feet To a Piggyback

Human shaped

Salford 21st December 2018 Expectant faces watched as Mum and dad mixed the ingredients in a bowl And as the mix formed and rolled out on the table Eager hands aimed to create a family Out of gingerbread Dad looked smaller than mum Whilst James loomed over his little brother But all were smiling AsContinue reading “Human shaped”


#octpowrimo #umbrella #acrostic #life #friends Monday, 15th October An acrostic by inky Problems occur like the morning rain Reality is, that’s what life has to throw at you Each little problem, obstacle or challenge Can topple you in an instant , however In case you need them … there are People who can help you,Continue reading “Umbrella”

Penguin en vacances

Chester Zoo via Blackpool beach, August 2018 #Penguin Paying a visit to his relatives upshore eager young penguin travelled round the coast navigating the north wales coast and Irish Sea, he got to the sands of Blackpool, where under cover , while holiday makers and zoo keepers slept into the frosty enclosure he got –Continue reading “Penguin en vacances”


Messy It might look like world war three has arrived in the kitchen but in reality , a masterpiece has been created sticky fingers and flour dust on kitchen tops even more on the cupboard doors and floor colourful paintwork adorned on the table tops while the finished article hangs on the refrigerator door andContinue reading “Messy”