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  • The Lonely Swan

    #writephoto housesitting when ma and pa have gone on holiday They’ve taken their grandkids somewhere sunny and warm and though i’ve got the nest all to myself sometimes i wish i didn’t The geese are out though and they’re having fun so i’ll spend time with them in the afternoon sun.

  • Who’s Dat?

    Who’s Dat?

    #wdys Living up in the hills you could call it a bleak existence but the horses who lived there didn’t mind at all “Hey Mum!” said the foal to his mother “why’s that bale of hay floating up the hill ?” his mother smiled, as she thought for a while and kept nice and still […]

  • Bucket

    #Writephoto #Bucket Building tools sat on the beach utilised by the master builder creating something everyone will like, but keep looking – it looks like he’s gone off site expectation is he’s gone with mum and dad to get something tasty for lunch – fish and chips anyone?

  • Family

    For each family group a sense of togetherness is important Mum and dad teaching the basics of life so In time, when they leave the nest, they’re well prepared to yomp off on their own – not yet though – they need to find their feet.

  • Portrait of yourself

    #Napowrimo with a nod to Matt @ Writeclub for the prompt! It’s a funny thing the colours seem right but your eyes seem bulgy and your nose sits like a pyramid in the centre of your face shredded wheat beard to go with shredded wheat hair and a grin like a Cheshire cat The artist […]

  • Raise


    #fowc #raise The first rays of sun and the birds are up out of the trees there’s twigs to be found for renovations to the nest and little ones to feed

  • A walk on the sands

    #writephoto #beach A Northern beach (possibly Prestatyn), I Its not that cold today compared to the last few weeks it’s positively balmy the mercury in the kitchen thermometer sends a message – enjoy it while it lasts II Northern sea says hello rolling about and frothing as it does “come and play!” it laughs as […]

  • Forward planning

    Forward planning

    #Holidays Christmas and new year are formally over and winters gone to town its made me think of warm places where the sand is soft and brown and the sea is brilliant aqua blue and the waters are clear as can be while little fish nibble away at your feet for something for their tea […]

  • Do i like mustard?

    #socs #closeeyesandpoint now here’s something for a Saturday Afternoon apparently there’s more mustard in the world than custard \ i dont mind if its on a burger – or hidden away in some sauce or dish, but it surprised me to find out (thanks to the elves @ QI) that i’d been eating variants of […]

  • Meeting up

    The station clock said lunchtime as she stepped out of the station where someone was waiting It’s been a while time has past and though technology is great there’s nothing better than a little sister getting a great big hug from her big brother