#CYW #Beaver Builder of some wonderful constructions every day he’s going down stream for materials and crafting them so they adapt to his home versatile in the way he places each stick each one having its own purpose rivers brooks and streams keep moving – but he’s directing the flow

Dragons Nest

#WDYS Image credit; Sean Thomas @ Unsplash The learned academic’s at the local seat of learning were slightly bemused to have spotted this beast it was stopping the students learning at the very least You see this mystical beast had found a home somewhere she could rest her legs atop the library marble dome a placeContinue reading “Dragons Nest”


#Octpowrimo #Memories #Holiday #Turtle #turkey Travelling from quite a fair distance Up on my bedside cupboard, lives a soap stone turtle Regaled in fancy patterns, carved by the artisan Turns heads with newcomers who haven’t seen him Likes to hang about with others of his kind Except – while he is Black and White –Continue reading “Turtle”


#Fowc #Encounter #Rhino #Zoo Armour Plated cousin of Our dear old friend the horse Lives off lots of green stuff and fruits and berries of course! With that great big horn on the end of his snout you’d be careful when he starts running about but he’s friendly to all who visit his lawn andContinue reading “Encounter”


Salford 1st July 2020 #writeclub #monsters #poetry #kidspoetry as part of my write club challenges, i wrote a piece about a “Monster” with claws and teeth and horns – more like a caterpillar with 100 Feet! (Anyone with kids remember a Lotsa-Lotsa-Leggs ? 🙂 ) I know , you know its not halloween but i’veContinue reading “Furry”


#writephoto #prompt Family sit on the bank, they’ve been doing this for years keeping an eye out for their neighbours providing cover from the atlantic wind for the plants, and sometimes an animal or bird and giving shade to the pretties in pink their reward for this task watching the breakers coming in to theContinue reading “Guardian”