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They turned up in the middle of the night

and lifted up their paving slabs

before lifting up the tarmac



to the daily journey

the promises made


Signs of Improvement ?

not forthcoming

Big Red Signs lead away from the holes


Short five minutes to the shopping

turns into fifty following the signs

or a week in hospital if you fall down a hole


Changes to the road

Chaos for the walker while

Computer networks get faster

Holidays Poetry Summer Weather

Journey’s end

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A nod to Maire @ Writeclub for the prompt!

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we headed out to far off shores

looking for the sun

bags all packed, and hotel confirmed

we were off to have some fun

travelling past coastal seas

and taking in nearby hostelries

eating several cream teas

on our journey to the sun

Passing vast fields of green

much more than in a city seen

through a colourful rainbow arc

holiday feelings begin to spark

Crossing counties, weathers change

different types and different range

sunshine, wind, hail and rain

roadworks wishing we’d gone by train

But on arrival – what a treat!

sitting by a table at a sunny retreat

enjoying our view, by our place by the sea

and enjoying the taste – of a coastal cream tea

Nature Places Poetry

slow down


Slowdown (Image: KL Caley)

With the petrol heads

ignoring the policeman’s signs

to take their foot off the accelerator

Mother Nature decided to intervene

What’s the rush ?

she asked by the roadside

spreading a bit of colour

in the grass by the tarmac

The seeds took their time

and eventually, after the clouds

gave them a drink

they popped up to see the sun

Mother Nature’s Motives ?

quite simply achieved

the petrolheads would slow down

to see the pretty flowers


Going Manual


Walking down the path

People found it odd

the cyclist ambling down the paved road

on two feet

Smiling as she walked

on the wet paving stones

and occasionally – splashing in puddles

When asked why

she wasn’t riding through town

her answer was simple

her helmet was back at the velodrome

Poetry Prose Transport Travel writing


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A car is not an Adventure

though it could just get you there

saving you the shoe leather

or even the bus fare

It gets you there from A to B

using the various road and track

Travelling down endless steel railed paths

and buckets of flattened tarmac

It’d be great – if it got you to places

without needing a top-up or three (to be frank)

but it just gets you to the nearest station

on a single tank

so as you head down the highway

in search of your seaside abode

your chariot is eating your fish and chips

as it burns down the road

Seasons Snowman Transport Travel Weather

Travel Issues

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A winters snowfall

in the middle of spring

was, how can you put it ?




scarves coats and gloves

distributed from the boot

to front and back seats


Waiting for the repair truck

along with the others

while sat in the white stuff

going nowhere


The kids liked the idea

that jack frost, had turned

the car, and others ahead

into little igloos


Rescue services

Grin at the forward view

of a smiling snowman

at every hard shoulder


Sat in the Warm ? Out of the Cold

Ideal solution – kept in a box

Sandwiches , and Hot Bovril

Till the rescue gets us to the Services

Leisure Life Sport Sports


#SoCs #Run #Life #Sports

you’ve been doing this

since you were little

toddling round the garden

Rewards ? Only you know

there’s a time to beat – from a to b

kept from the last time you did it

stopwatch started at the first step

and while you pound the sandstone and tarmac

you’re chasing down your personal prize

Obstacles a plenty – pedestrians to bollards

but aside from the medals round your neck

the best reward ? the lower number on the bathroom scales



#Writephoto #Guarded

The legions of Rome didn’t like the Northern territory

the gods seemed to have placed many objects in their way

and what seemed to be a shortcut to the fort

would prove to be their undoing

as the barbarian tribes came out to play

Acrostic Poetry


#fowc #Liquid


Like rain

it drops into the water below

quite gracefully

umbrellas not required

it’s used to clean your cutlery

dinner plates and all


Freshly Squeezed from

ripened berries

up in the trees or bushes

it’s the hiding place for vitamins and minerals

tasty – and good for you


Enough fuel in the tank ?

Navigating your way to the nearest truck stop

Enabling you to fill your vehicle up with gas for the

Roadtrip ahead

Gas guzzlers do more than smaller vehicles, but

You’ll keep on filling up to get from A to B


Light in Darkness

Salford 17th October 2020


Outside in the darkness

the spirits dance under the LED Nights

that cast their lights over the tarmac road

shadowy forms skip and hop over kerb and walk

while the cats on the doorstep look on

as the night sky twinkles with the far off light

and constellations watch the night time boogie