Challenge 30 – No11


Shadow in the Street

Sun light has a wonderful artistic temperament

Holding images from objects below it

As the suns rays fall to the floor,

Drawings of things around and about appear

On the ground nearby

When the light goes, they disappear till the moonbeams appear

The Wall

Chapel Street, Salford 2018

They reclaimed the bricks and numbered each one

as the diggers did their thing

the builders saving a theatre wall

you could almost hear them sing


artwork by the cathedral doors

in colours you’d never expected before

bright neon on the way to town

spread across bricks orange/brown


numbers alive – a wonderful dream

a sight like Neapolitan ice – cream

and for four days – the bricks were talk of the town

before the builders tore them back down

Snow 🌨

Salford 28th February 2017

Winter ❄️ returns to Salford (c) brianfkirkham 28/2/17

So, here it goes

new Year and January have left the party

old father times moving on to spring

winter ❄️ you would think 💭 is getting ready to take a nap 😴

somebody didnt read the script at the pole

northern winds have delivered something, covering

over the terracotta tiles of the towns terraces

white, and fluffy and wild in places

spring seems to still be in hibernation

nice to look at the falling snow … clinging

on to every green branch in sight,

what i want to know, is could we build a snowman ⛄️?

sticking like glue while the mercury stalls,

nice to look at behind heated walls

overcoats needed as the white stuff falls

with only the hardiest making house calls



A tale of an Orange Tortoiseshell that lives in the street near my home in Salford – Artistic Licence has been used!

Marmalade, our Marmalade
he is a funny Orange cat
he scampers all around the house
and plays with this and that

He loves his fish on Monday
on Tuesday – he eats cheeses
in Wednesday – It’s Fried Chicken
He’ll eat just as he pleases

On days he goes hunting in Gardens
on evenings he’ll explore
but you know, he wants your company
when he’s pawing at the door.

On Sunny days – he’s indoors
playing with his ball
On Rainy days – he’s outside
giving it his all

He’ll sit on car’s front seat,
when a visit t’the vet is due,
and wont eat that well known cat food,
he’ll dine on Ham Hock stew!

So, Marmalade – Dear Marmalade
Just where’d you want to be
digging on an island,
or swimming in the sea?

You fish in next doors garden
and jump on small feathered birds
You’ve been attacking local dogs in street
(or so thats what i’ve heard!)

You’ll find your tea in dustbins
and catched birds home you’ll bring
but Marmalade – Sweet Marmalade
I wouldn’t change a thing!

The Blacksmith

The Blacksmith

A tale inspired by a visit to “Lark Hill Place” in Salford’s Museum and Art Gallery

The fire’s coals burn brightly
forging metal for the ‘smith
who fixes shoes for the horses
and the wheels for the carts they’re withIt can be dark and gloomy in th’foundry
when the coals dim their glow
but the iron fires up brightly
and on the anvil it goesAnd he’ll fit the shoes on th horses
bashing horseshoes to go on their feet
and wont hit nails in t’ hoove till
he knows that everythings reetFor the shoes that dont fit the horse well
end up back in the oven to glow
will the shoes in this rhyme, fit the horse in time?
Only the smithy will know

But the blacksmith’s an honest profession
and horses, he’ll come to their aid.
Making horseshoes that are nice, set at the right price
ensuring that he gets well paid.

The terrace at No 3

A descriptive piece on a building in Lark Hill Place, at Salford’s Museum and Art Gallery.

Old building by Cobbles

with Oak table and chairs,

Copper Kettle boils on stove

near to the stairs.

Fruit from the grocers,

is cut up and cored

ready for the pie crust

in the oven its stored.

Washboard and Dolly tub

in the back yard they’re hooked

ready for the washing

that’s been overlooked

And when they are rinsed out

and gleaming with pride

they’ll dry on a washing line

on pegs hanging outside

And on the Oak table

the porcelain that’s the best

as the family that lives here

is having a guest.

Lark Hill Place