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  • Street Food

    #food Sourced from places a little further than your local Mac D’s There’s specials from Italy, China, and Thailand Rolling out of a spot of your high street today Everyone enjoying the Exquisite and tasty treats Tossed together in a sauce and served in a wrap or a bun or Sometimes with noodles in a […]

  • Lamp post

    Lamp post

    #writephoto #lamppost Lining the city streets a touch of craftsmanship, making the green spaces safe for pedestrians to walk about at night of course, their lights are turned off when the sun is at its height that’s when people sit on the park bench nearby it

  • Fortune


    #Socs #Fortune Council employees often get additional bonuses on top of usual salaries not that you would notice collecting the coins dropped down the street in the futile attempt to get the last vehicle home after a night out on the town

  • Out of the clouds

    Out of the clouds

    #writeclub Out of the clouds a raindrop fell he’d hung on to his cloud for what seemed like forever but was now heading for terra firma falling and tumbling turning and morphing at terrific speed with others following and catching him up creating a reservoir down the tarmac street and circular patterns to the raindrops […]

  • Graffiti


    #MLMM #Photochallenge It was a dank, dark and horrible place a place where refuse men didn’t want to explore – but had to the kids left mindless tags on the wall the bin men gave the street artists a call covering tags with spray painted art mindless marks – disappeared – that was a start […]

  • Looks Familiar

    Looks Familiar

    #threelinetales Splashing something sunny over somebody else’s scrawled tag you know the work but do you know the artist ?

  • Walk down an old street

    The light dawns, seagulls pass overhead bluest sky beckons shoelaces fastened heading off down the path following sunbeams the path never changes but the people passing do walking over stone short distances green awaken sleepy braincells bringing happiness end of the distance heading back, to where it began ascending the stones

  • Light in Darkness

    Salford 17th October 2020 #Octpowrimo Outside in the darkness the spirits dance under the LED Nights that cast their lights over the tarmac road shadowy forms skip and hop over kerb and walk while the cats on the doorstep look on as the night sky twinkles with the far off light and constellations watch the […]

  • Spotlight

    Sat in a moon lit pool of brilliance Puss looks around the darkness surrounding him Often he’d go out of the house To head out for a walk on the town with the Lads, but the Instance of the news means – nobodies visiting so Going garden hunting is a solo pursuit He’ll spend the […]

  • Rolling on in

    Rolling on in

    Salford, Monday 4th May It’s early morning, as i rise and the street is busy to my surprise for waking up the chorus (Dawn) a pussy cat, a little forlorn He’d spent his time, with his pals last night playing around under the street lights but now Ra is up, it has to be said […]