#Octpowrimo #Silence Tuesday 15th October 2019 It’s quiet – maybe too quiet A pin would definitely be the noisiest thing in the room :- but there’s a reason for the silence final preparations for those end of year papers like the whole of the fifth year had joined a monastic order even the ladies andContinue reading “Silence”

Canary in a Cage

Salford, 16th April 2018 A tale of life down the pits – and a very clever bird They closed all the pits they say it wernt safe we were digging out the props keeping land up They said The Gas were strong and sending our mates off to dreamland forever But as well as hammerContinue reading “Canary in a Cage”

Photo Challenge : Solitude

Solitude     Early morning sunrise 🌅 the fishing boats crews asleep in bed no one here but me and the sea 🌊 stillness of air and silence only broken by the smallest of waves lapping on the shore burying my toes into uncharted sand and tiny pebbles washed by the sea enjoying the silenceContinue reading “Photo Challenge : Solitude”


silence In the dusty old Deserted library hall The wishes of the librarian Have finally come to fruition For there is nobody reading By the library desks They’re all in the I.t. Suite Reading set texts on the web So librarian has his wish And the books sit on wooden shelves Like revered benedictines SatContinue reading “Silence”