Challenge 30 – No25

Animals, Photography

A Striped Tale…..or is that a Tail ?

What’s Black and white and Red all over ? a sunburnt Zebra! (sic)

When ever I think about an animal with Stripes, I always think about two particular animals….the tiger and the zebra

The tiger is Orange and Black (or is that black and orange ?) whilst the Zebra is Black and White (or is that white and black?). Both hide in the Undergrowth for protection using this camouflage

Now while I’ve only ever seen these two animals at the Zoo, there is a stripey animal who is quite happy to be living around you and I. I am referring to your tabby variety of pussy cat

Just remember to treat it right – or its ancestral character will come right out!


Acrostic, Animals, Poetry


Cousin to the king of the beasts

anybody would think

that it would be madness to take it on

Collectively though – the wildness

ails away, when the beast needs feeding

the prince of the jungle becomes felis domestica

Coming out of the forest and scouting the garden

a happy little kitty – toys with a catnip mouse

the only thing (except dinner) he wants to seek out

Camping in his little den

and happy to be his owners pet

this cousin of kings – content as can be

Clarence, the Cat

Animals, Character, Domestic, Poetry

Clarence, the old ginger tom,

is quite a funny cat.

Sleeping under stars at night

and diving into this and that.

You’ll hear him scowling at the cars

or staring up at the moon and stars

and though he likes to snooze at night

that doesn’t stop him having fights

When on his way – he’ll walk for miles

but locals always look and smile

he stops at kerbside – taking care

as cars on the road from everywhere

He knows all of the local shops

and to their owners off he pops

He likes his fish, and loves his meat

and fish guts are a special treat.

If desperate – he’ll go and catch a mouse

and leave it somewhere in the house

But you’ll only know – and only hail

if you find that mouse’s tail

When he’s pampered and well fed,

he’ll move his striped paws off to bed.

Dreaming of fish and birds and that –

Clarence, our dear old pussy cat.