Acrostic Outdoors


#Fowc #Active

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Athletic ? You don’t have to be

choosing to walk around

the local park each day

is enough to keep those

vital organs




Perhaps you’d call it security

as it keeps peering eyes out of your private things

definitely keeps things shut

locking things away you don’t want people to see

of course, you have to be

careful, knowing just where you

keep the key

Fruit Poetry Sweets

All Spent up

#fowc #Napowrimo

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I don’t know what you’d call it

Inflation , perhaps ?

If you took your single gold coin

Inside the confectioner’s

It would give you half the bag of boiled sweets

Instead of what you got last year

In fact you wouldn’t get any change

It would leave you with empty pockets.

Fruit Poetry


#FOWC #Describe

Taken by the author with a SAMSUNG Camera


everybody’s challenge – tell me about that

strawberry that’s sitting on the plate

could it be more luscious and


if you could what else would you tell me

built for the perfect pavlova ? – or just the berry to be

enjoyed in a fruit salad

Art Poetry


#fowc #Drawn

Photo by Erik Mclean on

captured in a simple moment

admittedly its no Picasso

but its sending out a message

to the breakdown crew

heading through the snow

Food Poetry


#fowc #standard

Raise the standard comes the call

when i was little it meant a flag

but now its a symbol or a sign

to cooks and chefs, one and all

to improve ingredients in their bag

so empty plates they are returned

and stuff on plates are ate with wine

instead of being thrown in incinerator, burned


Penalty Box

#Fowc #Missed

Photo by KoolShooters on


You would think

the professionals would

understand the rules of the game

trip em up here and it’s

everybody out

One – on – One


Referee points to the spot

while goalie does his best

to distract the sharpshooter

facing him

Only question for him

Diving left or right


Star striker runs toward the goal

Goalkeeper ponders his direction

and the ball hurtles at speed

towards him

travelling up towards the top corner

but over the bar and out of the ground



#fowc #hibernate

Bear Sleeping c/o Unsplash

With all that warm fur he has

you would think a brown bear enjoys the cold

instead when the air seems that little bit frosty

off he goes for an extra tea

before resting his head

on his hand made bed

Animals Birds Poetry


#fowc #raise

Photo by Skyler Ewing on

The first rays of sun

and the birds are up out of the trees

there’s twigs to be found

for renovations to the nest and

little ones to feed

Music Poetry


#Fowc #Jazz

Photo by Victor Freitas on

A drum beat out all down the street

alongside a trumpet playing a treat

Music that made people tap their feet

with sounds that cheered them o so sweet

Trumpets played boogie while tambourines played

and Trombones followed on meeting the grade

Ragtime tunes to entertain the crowds

and they joined in the tunes singing aloud

And young and the old proceeded to dance

and couples they moved – given a chance

up and down the familiar street

dancing to the rhythm keeping time with their feet

and keeping time with the trumpets and trombones – the sax

pumping out musical chords to the max

and people that heard it would give out a cheer

as it played all the tunes they all liked to hear