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  • Transit

    #fowc #Transit There it goes, heading down the road at regulation speed after being packed with breakfast goodies galore night time lit up by the tungsten bulbs soon they’ll be at their destination – where the fork-lift is waiting patiently then, they’ll be stacked up on the shelves for the shoppers to buy

  • Variables

    #fowc #variables When baking – like most things in life it’s important to realise not everything has to stick to the recipe now, flour, butter and sugar in set amounts, will make up your cake mix – but you are not going to count every chocolate chip going into the cake – enjoy the surprise […]

  • Selection

    #Fowc #Selection Choosing the right path, has Always been a stumbling block for you Take today for example – choosing meat over fish Could be considered the easy part – but Hot Sauce all over the dish ? 2 things – drink something fizzy – It’ll get rid of the smell 2nd thing – don’t […]

  • Writer

    #fowc #Writer When there’s a story to be told right there you’ll find him it’s what he does telling you a tale of exceptional drama – he’s like a reporter , but he might dress it up to keep your attention

  • Sentence

    #fowc #sentence The fingers hit the keyboard and the process begins letters form into words and those words fall into some kind of meaningful order “The beginning of the tale” You’ve written the first sentence….Time to finish the tale

  • Elements

    Each thing on the planet links to another in one way or form examining the ground, you’ll find more than just a home for your carrots and peas each grain of soil contains metals and compounds nutrition that goes into the vegetables to keep you nice and healthy small, the amounts. you dont want to […]

  • Gas

    #Fowc #Gas Great scott! screamed the scientist as both the solid and liquid reacted something’s made them disappear Given what he’d seen a small bit of info he’d overlooked swirling around above his head – remains of what was heated away

  • shipment

    #fowc #shipment Something is on its way across the sea held in giant containers it’s items created on one side of the water ported to the other side by some very big ships might be chairs or perhaps pears each container contains something different note that – despite being held together on the boat tomorrow […]

  • Sample

    #Fowc #Sample Simple little things A Selection of Colours to help you Make a decision what you want on your wall Perhaps a blue, a green, or maybe a bright zingy orange Looks you can ponder over – before committing to the tin Expect some debate – but these will save you some money

  • Scorched

    #Fowc #Scorch They say summer’s brilliant, but Tell that to the trees – They’ve been reaching out to the god of thunder for just a Trace of moisture from the skies above Their roots already seeking out the last few drops of water The forest is parched – turning into a Tinderbox