Messy It might look like world war three has arrived in the kitchen but in reality , a masterpiece has been created sticky fingers and flour dust on kitchen tops even more on the cupboard doors and floor colourful paintwork adorned on the table tops while the finished article hangs on the refrigerator door andContinue reading “Messy”


Roots 24th august 2017 they say everybody has roots. those tiny little things that define history traces of who you are, set in your DNA. back when I was studying at university for my HND, I got the opportunity to research my family tree looking back through birth records…to draw up a computer program connectingContinue reading “Traces”


Greengate, Salford UK <imgheight=”1″width=”1″style=”display:none”src=”″/> Image C/o Google Images Dense See that stretch of brown land in front of you some town hall boffin has planted a seed watch as the tiny cabins grow aided by steel, concrete and cables services for those who use them ? that’ll come later when the professionals meet and materContinue reading “Dense”


Unseen The fussy eater was caught off guard by an addition of vegetables to his favourite pudding Carrots remained buried under a mountain of sponge and mum just smiled as the kids munched away What was that yummy stuff under the sultanas and lashings of custard? Mother knows what it was but she’s not telling…. EmptyContinue reading “Unseen”


In response to the Daily post Prompt Value Funny thing is that word VALUE its quite easy to equate it in the mecca of shopping I know as ASDA but my American / Canadian Cousins call – WALMART I walked round the American Giant that’s landed on its cousins shores We were looking for aContinue reading “Value”