welcome to the inkwell

A Collection of writings and Scribbles

from the pen of B.F.Kirkham aka Inkdrop


Make friends with a tree

#writeclub #tree You’ve seen this arboreous giant nearly every day walking down the sandy pathways and grabbing some shade from the warmth of the sun he provides a nice place for picnics thing is….have you ever considered your green leaved friend? it can’t be easy for him being outside in every conceivable weather while satisfying […]


#fowc #sentence The fingers hit the keyboard and the process begins letters form into words and those words fall into some kind of meaningful order “The beginning of the tale” You’ve written the first sentence….Time to finish the tale


#Writephoto getting towards the stream on a summers day is a bit of a pain when you left your tent pitched at the first spot at the top of the valley got to admit though its ingenious the way the farmer and his men have left you the way to enjoy fresh water grass covered […]

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