welcome to the inkwell

A Collection of writings and Scribbles

from the pen of B.F.Kirkham aka Inkdrop


Power of the Herd

#Writephoto Herds of deer, stay together in bad weather expectations are that so long as they’re in the same spot ravenous wolves won’t be able to see them behind the dense carpet of fog

Eggy Bread

A Foodie prompt from My Vivid Blog Fill your Boots, its Breakfast time Ready for Dipping – the loaf of fresh white bread In expectation of being immersed slice by slice in the Eggy Mix – the savoury custard that’s Devoured by cubs and scouts alike – up and down the land

Looking for the North Star

#Animal #Canine #Dog #Hunt #Bone #Night Out on the Ground he watches darting about the ground and covering his eyes with his paws as brightly covered stars dance about in front of him don’t be disturbed he’s stargazing if he can spot that special star he’ll have an idea what part of the garden to […]

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