welcome to the inkwell

A Collection of writings and Scribbles

from the pen of B.F.Kirkham aka Inkdrop



In response to WDYS #170, Cheers to Sadje for the prompt Find the door and walk right through into another world it’s night time where you are but brilliant sunshine beyond the door just remember where you came in and be back before it closes


Most of the time you’ll see these fellows scampering from west to east over the sands where you’re resting But when you’ve packed up and headed for home they’ll come out of their hidey holes and enjoy a dinner of their own as the sun goes behind the horizon Tasty morsels hiding behind the rocks…

Another round

#Socs #Throwinginthetowel Another day Another set of dominoes Fallen over before i’ve even set foot on the bedroom rug The sound of springs, as i rise and the sound of bones, clicking as i head for the bathroom a dip in the water refreshes the mind, while downstairs breakfast awaits pain relief – doesnt always…

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