welcome to the inkwell

A Collection of writings and Scribbles

from the pen of B.F.Kirkham aka Inkdrop


Sweet Stuff

#Socs #Sink #Sank #Sunk #Acrostic Something special Is sitting on the dining room table Nice? it looks blooming delicious – you’ll have to Keep waiting till you’ve eaten your mains – the bowl is in the wash Soft chocolate and vanilla sponge all together in a tasty cream note the hint of strawberry in between…


#writephoto #geometric #shapes #buildings Grand palaces and places of state – are no more than jigsaws edge to edge the pieces meet up till out of the flat pack the puzzle turns into something amazing many admire the windows – but they’re jigsaws too, as edges of moulded lead and solder keep the coloured glass…

Obtaining an ostrich

#Bird #Egg #Wild How does one obtain an ostrich? It’s a tricky question i’d imagine growing one from an egg the one left behind by Mrs O as she ran headlong into the grasses to avoid being trampled on by the big elephant, who’d just seen a mouse You couldn’t just take it home It…

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