Poetry Time


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A Nod to Scott @ Writeclub for providing today’s prompt

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Alright Mastermind

there, in front of you is a

code word hiding in plain sight

digits count down dropping fast

and tries decreasing in number

got it yet or are you Boggled?

Poetry Time


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Its a small gap tween each mark on the clockface

count them all up and you’ll find there’s sixty

as the second hand passes each mark

the long clock arm moves ever so slightly

around the same mark

moving closer to the hour mark

that’s probably why they call them Minute

Poetry Time

MLMM – Time

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A piece from the notebooks for this prompt – enjoy….Inky.

Time has many colours
The golden grains of sand in summer
that change the further south you go
moving by plane or wheels to and fro

Time denotes a special treat
An egg at easter, or a birthday type eat
or opening presents on Christmas morn
parents watch as the wrapping is torn

Time measures cooking of your Breakfast egg
or your Sunday Ham or Roast Lamb Leg
Time is the Now and the then on the Line
which crafts the drink from the grape on the vine

Time never stops, time moves on
that moment goes by, and then it has gone
Sand passes through chamber, and moves on the hand
of the watch on your wrist, humble or grand

And scholars of old, note history
of the Time, where men and women fought tyranny
A precious resource – its there, then its gone
Till your time runs out – but time moves on

Poetry Time


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Keeping time and motion in balance

as time moves forward

so does the pendulum

ever so slightly

keeping the cogs and wheels

hidden at the back of the clock

turning the hour and minute hands

Poetry Time Transport Travel

Out of Time

#Napowrimo #time

Salford 22nd April 2021

The preparations had been perfect

but now the grains of sand

were quickly falling away

running like an olympian

to catch the tram to the station

indescribable feelings

as you watched the golden tram

rolling down the rail towards

your destination

so you sit, with your bag and your tickets

waiting in hope, the next airport tram

will be along soon

Poetry Time


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Three hundred and sixty five days of fun

starting with New years day

and taking in birthdays, road trips and weddings

events you don’t want to miss

and appointments you shouldn’t

Life Poetry Time

Alarm Clock

27th February 2019

As the sun dipped below the horizon

and changed shift with his pal the moon

something constant kept on moving

second hand moving the minutes

whilst the hour hand waited to move forward

and a marker sat like a sentry

ready to fire a fifteen gun salute

cats birds and dogs, creep outside slowly

wailing beyond the double glazed glass

and the cogs keep the hands moving

till the minute hand meets the marker

and hammer meets bell – time to get up.

Poetry Time

New Years Day

#newyearseve #newyearsday

Salford, 31st December 2018

Midnight….Happy New Year!

The final night of 2018

Draws in a brand new year

Called out from the east

And working it’s way round the globe

The fireworks and chimes

Bring in a new dawn

Fresh thinking , fresh plans

Across the lands, grow as the sun says hi

As the new wind blows, to the new year say hello

As we wave the old one goodbye

Poetry Time


Thieves of time,

Subtle in their art

As a penny passed tween one weight and another

Carefully counterbalanced

So the cogs of the clock turned round

Just so

Cogs kept moving

The giant hour hand

As minutes passed on by

Whilst the second hand, cried

People stared at their time pieces

Trying to get it back

But the clocks in the town hall square

All wailed out of time

Listen up people…in orchestral chimes

The auditors have been in….and committed a crime…

Poetry Romance Romantic Time



Time stands still for a while

a second before

i think i caught the eye

of the girl in the polka dot dress

so while everythings frozen in time

i casually make my way over the platform

and pop a message in her bag

will it work?

Time will only tell