Playing in the side street

Salford, 25th September 2019 #Salford #Children #Parking #Gardens #Street #Sports In order to save themselves some pocket money the sports fans find convenient side streets parking off the main road on the way to the stadium One by one, they move on to empty paving ignoring the call of the parking charge plastered on theContinue reading “Playing in the side street”

Two Brothers

A tale of two neighbourhood cats – c/o my profile on Sat on a grassy spot, someplace by the house two brothers sit on the outside porch dreaming about a mouse They’re waiting for their mum to serve up summat for tea and have been playing in the backyard rolling in the grass withContinue reading “Two Brothers”

Five more days of Christmas

Salford 2nd January 2019 #christmas #newyear If you find this post a little scrambled, there is a reason Six hours kip doesn’t do much for the festive spirit But just what do you do after new year ? Back to work or school after two weeks away If you’re a kid all you want toContinue reading “Five more days of Christmas”

Snack time

Bite lunch was two hours ago and dinner is hours away the hunger pangs are out of the cage And they’ve begun to play So over to the brown bread you go And forage for a filling or two When the jars of peanut butter and jam Located above tonight’s spiced ham Decide to greetContinue reading “Snack time”

Fizz bomb

#coloryourworld #atomictangerine the atomic tangerine 🍊 dropped into the pool of clear hot water 💦 Reactions to the spheres arrival as it nose dived into the blue were instantaneous…. Little children 👶 smiled away not it in the way it fizzed away Like orangeade exploding into the blue but  mostly how its scent originally meantContinue reading “Fizz bomb”

Building site

Construct Two kids in a classroom Playing with their toys Just a normal day for the girls and boys One quietly builds a house with coloured blocks whilst the other plays with his van with silver wheels and shocks Walls they go up quickly two red, two blue of course with roof of yellow onContinue reading “Building site”


  Local Location : Ordsall Park, Salford, UK Call it a Green Island in a Sea of Concrete A good place for a football game Trees of varying type scatter this wonderous island of Green swings and climbing frames keep youngsters amused whilst older kids send footballs into the northern air as the local wildlifeContinue reading “Local”