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  • Splat


    #Octpowrimo #Painting #Splat Seeing the Canvas there brilliant white picking up his loaded brushes the artist began launching colours towards it like a barrage aiming for areas of the space marked out beforehand the result ? various colours combined to produce a picture of a puddytat

  • Puddytat


    Looney tunes? That ain’t it or is it? out of nowhere – I spotted the puddy noticing the brightly coloured bird excitingly chirping on a rest spot in the garden – and yet – he was too busy enjoying the song of the bird’s chirps

  • Mr Mog

    Mr Mog

    There’s a clever cat , lives down our street with the name of Mr Mog He lives from garden to garden sleeping under trees and logs He entertains the neighbours with balls and scratching posts all and when it comes to teatime Mr Mog is having a ball Corned Beef at Number Seven, Sardines at […]

  • Dialect

    #lancashire #sayings There’s been trouble at Mill this morning the chaos has been obvious to see the cook in the kitchen is flummoxed as someone has messed up works tea See the barmpot of the mill came a calling to see what their having for lunch and he’d switched the lamb leg for smoked haddock […]

  • The best pet i never had

    Another #Napowrimo prompt from Maire @ #Writeclub enjoy the poem! I In my life i’ve had a few pets and lots of trips to the local vets i’ve had a dog and lots of cats but i’ve never had a giant fruit bat II You see i always saw them at the zoo and watched […]

  • Filling the page

    #socs #page It’s the quandary of any writer – professional or otherwise brace yourself – a blank page if you have a prompt – well that’s a start but if you haven’t – you’re falling on that part of your mind that invents and creates inspiration from the things around you what’s that bird that’s […]

  • Sleepy Kitty

    Sleepy Kitty

    #octpowrimo #cat Sleeping content lying on a rug in the corner enjoying a wonderful dream engaging with a big wool ball and playing with it till tea time you’d play with it more – but miss cuts of finest ham , chicken or beef ? dont think so and until your owner calls, your eyes […]

  • Hiding II

    Hiding II

    Nobody can see me from here i’m tucked up tighter than any ball of wool in my spot on the corner it’ll take the sharpest of eagle-eyes to find me where i am and if i can’t see where i am they can’t either

  • Hiding


    #promptuarium #octpowrimo I often see Robins at this time of year, but this explains their disappearance into the trees in my garden! Hello there, its me again in the hunt for a big juicy worm in your garden don’t think i’ll be leaving the tree branch just yet though i’m avoiding your next door neighbours […]

  • On a Hunt

    On a Hunt

    #Seagulls #city #coast #fish They’d heard that a bounty was nearby a plunder of wonderous delight they scoured the skies in expectation staying up for morning and night They didn’t care much for the metals though the magpies would take ‘owt that was shiny the seagulls didn’t care for the metals that glared for they’d […]