Salford, 22nd August 2018 Another piece inspired by the #Promptuarium Many thought you a funny kid On most nights they’d see you staring into space Overlooking the positions of the stars and the zodiac No other subject interested you more Destiny ? to be the first man to live – on a base on theContinue reading “Spacekid”

Bag o’ Pear Drops

#Poetry #Sweets #Confectionary 17th July 2018 I The container comes down from the confectioners shelf and each little drop of sweetness spills into the bowl II Red and Yellow fancies dusted with icing sugar and as you open the bag a blast of pear III Each Individually formed rocky for a short while but laterContinue reading “Bag o’ Pear Drops”


Salford 10th May 2018 Rebel You were always the one in school that caused a scene causing young heads to turn at your juvenile antics Wearing the Uniform the way you wanted raising an eye of the deputy head They called you “Cool” and your pals all circled as school rules fell and school skirtsContinue reading “Rebel”

Banana butties 🥪

Salford, 4th April 2018 built of sterner stuff than your average elevenses a wonderous mix of fruity goodness nautically navigated via big boats and delivered to supermarket shelves and next, layered tween two slices of buttered bread an absolute delight, with your afternoon beverage


Messy It might look like world war three has arrived in the kitchen but in reality , a masterpiece has been created sticky fingers and flour dust on kitchen tops even more on the cupboard doors and floor colourful paintwork adorned on the table tops while the finished article hangs on the refrigerator door andContinue reading “Messy”


Knit Knights of the realm could be toppled by this – but Not my mum, or my aunties or Nanna Its where i learned some very basic steps To create a scarf for my teddy bear. To be honest, the twists and turns of loops and purls were Extremely difficult, but by the end ofContinue reading “Knitted”