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Anything with chips

Charles George William Dupree

is a funny little kid – his parent’s agree

he’ll eat breakfast and dinner – without any fuss

but there’s something the doctors need to discuss

Why little Charlie will eat all on his plate

if only there’s a helping of chips to wait

Now fish and chips are whats called a staple up north

and most weekends Mum and dad would order forth

a helping of haddock with the tastiest tatas

and perhaps a pudding to enjoy later

but now little Charlie want’s all his food brought

like the chipped potato that his Mum and dad bought

meaning Pork chops and Beefsteak are cut up and sliced

and all vegetables have to be served up and diced

And its not just the veggies – its his puddings as well

but Charlie and his chums, they think its swell

eating his puddings served up like chips

with a custard sauce and a toodle pip!

Food Poetry

Icing on the cake


It was a strange day

a red letter day

that came out of the blue

when nearly everything i’d planned

went right for a change

Good news on the television

Sunshine in the skies

phone calls from an old pal

to give a happy


And while events out of my hands

came back with fortune mixed

I found the days problems, mostly fixed

and all before the pigeons headed home at nightbreak

I celebrated with a nice bit of iced chocolate cake!

Food Poetry


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Could there be

a moment in the day when i could

kick the idea of

eating cake into the long grass ? Hardly

Cleverly crafted from eggs, butter, flour and sugar

and served up steamed or out of the oven

kitchen filling with the waft of fruit or

everyones favourite accompaniment – custard!

Chocolate, Carrot or just plain sponge

a wonder with jam and sponge in the middle

king (or queen) of puddings

enjoyable at any time of day

Acrostic Cooking Food Poetry


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Instant gratification

noodles and vegetables

swimming in a flavoursome pool

tasty little number brought to life by the

application of just the right amount of hot water

now – don’t forget – stir it up or you’ll find

there’s lumps at the bottom of your cup (you dont want that)

Food Fun Treats


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There’s something different

in the chocolate wafer i enjoy

with my cup of tea

Just beyond the layer of chocolate

its like a host of bees have been playing

creating perfect hexagons in the wafers

Not too sticky, and not too sweet

smell passing the nose

wafts of honey with each individual chomp

Cooking Food


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Something sensational was coming from the Kitchen

in seconds the waft of chicken , ham and vegetables

made its way through the ground floor and

moseyed upstairs to tell my senses

everybody – grab your eating irons – its ready

rendezvousing with crusty bread and salt and pepper

in a combination you will

never forget – a total culinary triumph

got to warn you though – its just out of the pan…watch the bubbles

Acrostic Christmas Food Poetry


#Fowc #integral #Food


In the middle of the dining room table

Nut roast , Goose, Chicken, Lamb, Beef or Turkey

The centrepiece of the Christmas Lunch

Every vegetable imaginable surrounding it

Gravy boats, Sauces, Napkins and the special silver makes it a

Right royal feast

And for afters – if there’s room – a

Lovely pudding….but enjoy your main course first!

Christmas Food

Modern Day Roast

#Christmas #Meat #Dinner #Boilinthebag #Moderndayroast


While you’ve been busy peeling and preparing the vegetables

a special delivery has been enjoying an

immersion in some boiling water on the stove

the meat cooking away in the bag whilst

it catches the juices in the bag, making a

nice tasting gravy to

go over the potatoes, carrrots, parsnips and peas

Acrostic Food Nature

Mushroom II

#writeclub #Mushroom

Many different but

Unusual plants can be

Searched out around a tree.

Hard work is required to separate good from bad but

Really tasty varieties can be found

Out in the woodland,

Of course – it’s best to get an expert to help

Making a dinner out of the nasty ones – might make you ill

Food Seasons


#writeclub #freezing

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If you think you’re feeling cold today

count yourself lucky

you could be a bird

hanging about in the winter time

tending to its clutch of eggs

while cold winds from the north

blow through the trees

that said, you could be a fish

down in the water of the darkest sea

the ice might be on the surface

cold and bright white

but its perishing below

you could be a vegetable

freshly picked today

and put in a bag with others

before you can get away

then stored in a great big chiller

with the door closed behind you with ease

its a hardlife, living as it does

as a garden pea.