Ode to the trees

#Octpowrimo #Huggingatree They line the road, from bottom to top watching the people and vehicles pass by doing their work without a word the birds rest on their branches as they’ll flop to trees with lots of leaves they’ll fly the shade cast on the greens of the grass around enjoying the cool from theContinue reading “Ode to the trees”

Nest (Another View)

#Fowc #Nest #Nature Above my head, by the window ledge a family of birds is living on the edge living in a nest in view of my eye occasionally searching for food do they fly Waking me up with their earliest call transcending the windows and solid brick walls flying to treetops through clouds inContinue reading “Nest (Another View)”

Abandoned (Derelict)

#FFFC #Abandoned #Derelict #Brokenwindows with thanks to Aron Jäger@unsplash.com for providing the Image I remember the weeks before the builders moved in the children, were now learning – in bright shiny blocks up the road in the next district whilst the old building sat – a nest for the birds and a target for vagabondsContinue reading “Abandoned (Derelict)”