Poetry Time


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Its a small gap tween each mark on the clockface

count them all up and you’ll find there’s sixty

as the second hand passes each mark

the long clock arm moves ever so slightly

around the same mark

moving closer to the hour mark

that’s probably why they call them Minute

Fireworks Outdoors People


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bursting colour out into the night sky

revellers watching the sight as the bells chime

it’s almost time for old father time to switch with his younger brother

launching a whole new year

light show of exploding sparkle

it’s like someone’s brightened up the darkness

and people are partying under it as the new year arrives

note the whooshing of the rockets and

the sound of the crowd as they travel towards the moon

Poetry Time

MLMM – Time

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A piece from the notebooks for this prompt – enjoy….Inky.

Time has many colours
The golden grains of sand in summer
that change the further south you go
moving by plane or wheels to and fro

Time denotes a special treat
An egg at easter, or a birthday type eat
or opening presents on Christmas morn
parents watch as the wrapping is torn

Time measures cooking of your Breakfast egg
or your Sunday Ham or Roast Lamb Leg
Time is the Now and the then on the Line
which crafts the drink from the grape on the vine

Time never stops, time moves on
that moment goes by, and then it has gone
Sand passes through chamber, and moves on the hand
of the watch on your wrist, humble or grand

And scholars of old, note history
of the Time, where men and women fought tyranny
A precious resource – its there, then its gone
Till your time runs out – but time moves on

Acrostic Beach Poetry

Enjoying the View


Taking a train up to the coast

admiring the view and maybe

keeping a photo of the scenery

inside the hut on top of the hill theres

numbers of pictures you can take

gemstones lie under your feet (if you know where to find them)

ascending ? why not descend down to that

beach where that blue water laps

relax by the shoreline and

enjoy the sunshine – the cove’s a suntrap

and if you fancy a cuppa – the beach cafe will be open soon

kreative minds among you can make castles on the beach



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If people could be a little more thoughtful

and not thought of emptying shelves

there might not be “panic buying”

indeed – there’d be stuff for yourself

If people could be a bit kinder

the world would be a happier place

and they’d be looking around at their hometown

instead of staring out into space

If some could think of the others

instead of their wallets instead

then the others could make bread,

of standing outside foodbanks led

If some shared their knowledge with others

you’d find that fellow a home that is warm

and things to keep him inside, instilling pride

instead of being outside like the norm

Poetry Time


#fowc #pendulum

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Keeping time and motion in balance

as time moves forward

so does the pendulum

ever so slightly

keeping the cogs and wheels

hidden at the back of the clock

turning the hour and minute hands

Character Learning

Getting there


based on the prompt “if you fail, try again”

Achievement they say,

is a wonderful thing.

He left the grand halls of learning

with each wrinkle on his worn face

turning upwards

Plenty of Sand had

made its way through

this learners egg timer

Perseverance – the key

and the cracking of those

Mystical codes – they call formulae

Younger peers – had scaled the tops

but it didn’t matter to this elderly pops

for years he’d had to settle for “D”s

but now in Maths – he’d got a “C”

Character Poetry Space

Universal Change

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Universe , painted (image by inky from an image from Google)

While the planets

Go round the Sun (our star)

and far off systems

go round their own stars

something keeps

space and time moving

The old man of space

keeps mother milky way , Andromeda

and her other brothers and sisters

turning while he watches on

There have been times

when he really wanted a change of scene

but instead – he kept going

in the same direction

So don’t be dismayed – if the stars out at night

seem out of place – and not quite right

Our dear old universe just want’s to play

It’s why all the patterns don’t look the right way

Poetry Time Transport Travel

Out of Time

#Napowrimo #time

Salford 22nd April 2021

The preparations had been perfect

but now the grains of sand

were quickly falling away

running like an olympian

to catch the tram to the station

indescribable feelings

as you watched the golden tram

rolling down the rail towards

your destination

so you sit, with your bag and your tickets

waiting in hope, the next airport tram

will be along soon




Dunkin :image from stock art by inky

It wasn’t the walk through wintery woods

that bothered this hardened explorer

or the westerly wind knocking

on the wooden window frame

or the wait for his dinner to be cooked on

his camping gas stove

It was more the length of time

spent dunking his oaty ships biscuits in his tea

before the biscuit fell into his mug.