Empty Shelves

Salford 18th March 2020 #Shopping #Life #Onelinerwednesdays They’ve taken all the bread again Mum!!!! __________________________________________________________ I couldn’t call it a panic but they’re filling up the trolley’s stocking up the basics and acting like they’re Wallies It’s like its christmas run-up but we’re only half way through lent picking up “essentials” in tins all bashedContinue reading “Empty Shelves”


#Fowc #Combine I. Baking Take your favourite root vegetable add it with some fat, flour, and a sugar for sweetness put some additional berries or nuts stir in, and stick in the oven when ready – retrieve – cut up and enjoy II. Art Trying to get the colour of flowers in the garden isn’tContinue reading “Combine”

Fish and Chips – Kind Of

The noble fish sat on my plate hadn’t had a battering it had been enjoying a bath like Cleopatra getting all warm and tasty Upon leaving the path it was wrapped up in a coat of green to enhance its wonderful flavour and rested on a bed of buttery potato And while it lay thereContinue reading “Fish and Chips – Kind Of”


#Pancakes #Pancakeday #Shrovetuesday Tuesday 25th February 2020 For years, they’ve been doing this launching a layer of thinly cooked batter into the air with precision and height – could you say it was perfect ? maybe – but that all comes from the entry of the pancake – back into the pan drizzle of lemonContinue reading “Flipped”


Salford 15th February 2020 #Fowc #Debate During the week, it was the hot topic of conversation Election ? Europe ? no! none of these But a culinary conundrum – which sandwich was better A choice of Sausage, Egg, Bacon, or Cheese The favourite – an obvious choice – but Everyone wants their own bite ofContinue reading “Debate”

Bubble and Squeak

#fowc #food #christmas #leftovers Salford, 26th December 2019 By the time the pans were in the sink undertakings of the Christmas leftovers were being sorted out bird of the day stripped down to its carcass and boxed up – and placed in the refridgerator like the vegetables left behind from the feast everyone knew whatContinue reading “Bubble and Squeak”


#Fowc #Barbecue Best Beef Sausages Are happily sizzling over Roasting hots coals Beefburgers drip hot fat in Expectation of sizzling onions Currently cooking on a skillet, while Up on the far table – next to the sesame seeded buns Every kind of sauce and relish imaginable – they’ve even got Curry!