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  • Just another Sandwich

    #food #poetry It began simply enough two pieces of crusty white bread from the loaf bought in the morning slight spread of butter slapped on either piece in anticipation salad cream for the vegetables cucumber for crispness (lettuce lay aloft on the salad bar) tomato and sweetcorn lying over the chicken , beef , pork […]

  • Starters and Everything

    #Writeclub #Food #Chinese #Dimsum A response to this weeks writeclub prompt The door flung open to a grand looking place reds golds and greens and tables of lace Waiter brings over plates and Warmers for four as soup for the dimsum began to pour Smells of the east filled up the air and heading for […]

  • Pastie

    #Food #Pastie #Acrostic Possibly, you could call it a Marvel – King of Street Food a combination of fine meat and vegetables in a seasonally brought together in a sumptuous pastry filling that not only keeps the pastry enclosed, but also its handy, as you can walk down the street as you enjoy its contents

  • The Whiff

    The Whiff

    You hadn’t a clue what you were buying till your nose grabbed the whiff coming down the lane Cooking away in the finest of fats Chunky chipped potato and the finest fish caught this morning But it wasn’t these fragrances grabbing you by the nosehairs more the delightful smell of vinegary vapors travelling through the […]

  • Who’s Dat?

    Who’s Dat?

    #wdys Living up in the hills you could call it a bleak existence but the horses who lived there didn’t mind at all “Hey Mum!” said the foal to his mother “why’s that bale of hay floating up the hill ?” his mother smiled, as she thought for a while and kept nice and still […]

  • Mr Mog

    Mr Mog

    There’s a clever cat , lives down our street with the name of Mr Mog He lives from garden to garden sleeping under trees and logs He entertains the neighbours with balls and scratching posts all and when it comes to teatime Mr Mog is having a ball Corned Beef at Number Seven, Sardines at […]

  • Bakewell

    #Food #Baking #Cake #Dessert Belonging to an area of Derbyshire a confection that’s hard to resist keeping the bakers of the village engaged as they create the sensation that’s named after the town when you get past the fondant on the top each mouthful of light almond sponge comes with a layer of raspberry jam, […]

  • Fancy


    #fowc #fancy #fancies #picnic Summertime’s here again the pansies are in bloom and someone has set out a rather nice spread of sandwiches lovely cakes and ice-cold fruit squash in a glorious display on the front lawn highlight of proceedings ? the centrepiece of French fondant fancies

  • Bagged

    #socs #bagged Before the days of Big Supermarkets a friendly greengrocer would give you your vegetables in a reusable carrier to get your purchases from point a to b – expectation now – pick up your own vegetables, weigh em and pay more for the priviledge don’t you think you are the one being bagged […]

  • The Grill

    The Grill

    #Greek #Cuisine #Salford #Quays You can get hungry, walking the labyrinth of paths located by my home town reminds me of a sunny coastal place by the med and on a patch of green there’s a familiar spot where holiday treats are served as meat and veg meet with chips and tzatziki and enjoyed on […]