Acrostic Food

Angel Food Cake

#Food #Napowrimo

Angel Food Cake

A combination of lovely ingredients

not as heavy as other cakes so it’ll

get easier on your tum after dinner

egg whites with sugar ensure a

light and fluffy sponge – nice to eat with strawberries

Music Nature


#Napowrimo #writeclub

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can you hear it?

as the morning sun

pops its head above the horizon

the rise and fall of the musical local wildlife

discussing the day

can be heard in every green space in the land

news of the morning

new chicks in the nest

meaning more than one food stop

for Mr Sparrow and Mr Blackbird

Character Food

Lemon Meringue Pie

#Napowrimo #Food #Character


when i was made

i promised a lot

zesty , light and zingy

fresh tasting lemon

cloudlike meringue

and a buttery biscuit base


Each spoonful


taking you off

to the greens of the med

where my fruit grew

and blue skies shone


Initial reactions –


till about the

third mouthful

when delightful flavour

became a toasty mess



eating the biscuit

before the lemon was

a bad idea

zingy toasty biscuit

needs more meringue

Food Fun Home

Chocolate Dreams

#writeclub #chocolate #dreams

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Crafty little easter bunnies

having had us give up the sweet stuff

over 8 weeks of spring

carry their baskets of candied heaven

out amongst the town

leaving special treats for the kiddies

(and their mums and dads) in the house or garden

toffees and bonbons to make anyone smile, inside

eggs of extra special chocolate, and of course

some special cake for an easter tea

Food Poetry writing

Mashed Potato

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Here you go –

You’ve been waiting

for that time when the

bubbles around the spuds


The water goes diving,

Normally the spuds

would be heading for the oven

but not today

Numbers of spuds

become a single thing

with the help of the masher

and a bit of butter

addition’s a plenty

sausages see fried onions, (or onion gravy)

chops get apple (or Mint)

depending on the meat

and Fish? Always parsley sauce.

Food Poetry


#fowc #standard

Raise the standard comes the call

when i was little it meant a flag

but now its a symbol or a sign

to cooks and chefs, one and all

to improve ingredients in their bag

so empty plates they are returned

and stuff on plates are ate with wine

instead of being thrown in incinerator, burned

Acrostic Buildings Food

Down to the Catacombs


Below the depths, in a very cold place

out of hewn stone

there’s a spot where aficionados of

their favourite tipple

like to store their reds, whites and fizzy stuff

every weekend, decending the steps for

something to go with the Lamb, Chicken, Steak or Fish

Character Food

Wisdom from a Tea Cup

#Writeclub #Tea #Brew #Drink

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Watch as i let off steam, as the leaves bathe and change colour….

take five as the colours in my cup swirl about,

and take in the flavours from a distant land….

you can learn quite a bit from my pyramid pal.

sit back in a comfy chair and ease your worries away

from a brew picked in Assam, Darjeeling or another exotic location –

you will appreciate it more if you do.

and if you wish – take a biscuit for a paddle.

Acrostic Food Poetry


#Fowc #Pronto

Pizza delivery is a hazardous thing

Road users don’t expect delivery at over 50 Mph

Out of nowhere – you see the bike

Navigating lanes like its a rodeo derby

Taking on the four wheelers – like his life depended on it

Of course, it doesn’t – but arriving hot gets the driver a tip

Acrostic Christmas Food Poetry


#Fowc #integral #Food


In the middle of the dining room table

Nut roast , Goose, Chicken, Lamb, Beef or Turkey

The centrepiece of the Christmas Lunch

Every vegetable imaginable surrounding it

Gravy boats, Sauces, Napkins and the special silver makes it a

Right royal feast

And for afters – if there’s room – a

Lovely pudding….but enjoy your main course first!