Four Calling Birds

Salford, 28th December 2019 #Birds #2019 #Christmas A couple of days into the Christmas season I thought the birds had all gone somewhere sunny I would have joined them (if I had the money) but who should arrive on a Saturday morn feathers all winded, ruffled and torn ??? Sat on the nest resting onContinue reading “Four Calling Birds”

Wednesday Morning, 6.30

#Octpowrimo #Morning #Sunrise An early morning piece from inky. In twenty four society, there’s no time for beauty sleep There’s parcels to be delivered from point A to B and piles of paper to be rounded up for recycling rolling down the main road – the recycling van rumbles trying his best not to rouseContinue reading “Wednesday Morning, 6.30”


Salford 9th April Like a Marshmallowon a freshly brewed coffeethey float through the sky Shifting slowly over rooftopsDrifting across morningover field town and meadow Swirling through the Morning Skymoved by winds east and weststrings of candy coloured cloud move Early morning SunTurns pastel blue into Sunrise yellowAs clouds travel toward the hills Wisps of Water MovingContinue reading “Floating”

Challenge 30 – No.26

“Weather” 5th February 2019 “Red skies at Night, Shepherds Delight…..“ This old phrase is still around today. It was the shepherds way of telling fine weather – a red sky at night normally foretold of fine weather next morning Whilst a red sky in the morning, normally was followed by grey clouds in the skiesContinue reading “Challenge 30 – No.26”

Feathered Cacophony

Salford 26th September What happens early morning…when someone’s been generous with the birdseed! It begins quietly enough, the graceful movement of flapping wings stopping at an observation point whilst they check out the opposition The seed scatters , bouncing on the tarmac and feathered friends, in an instant become mortal enemies – as they nipContinue reading “Feathered Cacophony”

Early morning blues

Woken up by waterworks On the mark of quarter to five Kept awake by the familiar sound of Excited cats finding food on the Night prowl Unless my head hits the Pillow soon, i won’t be good to anyone As pins and needles bite my feet Golden slumbers seem far away Aching bones rest onContinue reading “Early morning blues”