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  • Hoops

    #commonwealthgames #b2022 #birmingham #basketball #3×3 The ball travelled around the court as masters of their craft tried to score for their team With speed, and some grace the ball travelled toward the hoop sometime dropping through the net but others bouncing off the ring Clock ticking down as the scoreboard added points distance the all […]

  • Aunt Sally

    Aunt Sally

    #fffc Aunt Sally is getting ready trying out looks for the scarecrows ball which one she’ll wear is anyones guess all she hopes is she’ll catch the eye of her Worzel, and enjoy a dance under the stars with her scarecrow before feasting on tea and cakes

  • Slope


    The golf pro landed the ball downhill all seemed well that was until aided by the grass or on its own perhaps by wind it was blown down the slope , and into a trap into the sand, in a moments snap the ball was rescued by his sand wedge only to find its self […]

  • Hoops


    #SoCs #OOP Holding on to the ball ? Out of the question in my younger years – but Now Occasionally, i’ll be in the right place to Position the ball against the backboard to Score a point

  • Yarn

    #Fowc #Yarn Salford, 2nd June 2020 You can make all kinds of garment from this A Cardigan, a Hoodie, a Hat or a Scarf Reaction to their creation – from the kids – a smile Not forgetting the family cat who’s trying to catch the ball around the room

  • Practice

    I Building blocks of different shape and colour Teach all sorts of useful skill And its lots of fun when they fall over II They might call you a marvel of language but you’ve got to engage with the locals if you want to order your lunch III Your eye is the best judge but […]

  • Orbit

    #Photography #Colour The Orb rested on its spot as in a moment, the image came into view Images forming – like magic colours red , green, yellow and blue captured in a moment by the little glass ball

  • Final Whistle

    Final Whistle

    #fowc #referee #sport #football #rules #ball It’s a funny old game is Football You walk for miles down roads and up stairs to get to those golden ticketed chairs – then as players take to the field you wait for the referee to yield – the man in the middle – you await his call […]

  • Fragile

    Fragile For years now, people have been ranting over the amount of packaging an item is wrapped in. a thing they need to consider is where it’s going to. There’s a lot of movement in a delivery van, and if the owners don’t want their precious vases turned into a jigsaw puzzle lifting the cargo […]

  • Lighting the dark

    Luminescent Tuesday 10th April 2018 It glows lighting up the darkness for all who seek the light colours brighten the morning sky produced by insects that do fly up the trees and plants around feeding on nectar, without making a sound to others they brighten a darkened day but they’re happy to just fly around […]