Tag: Night

  • Transit

    #fowc #Transit There it goes, heading down the road at regulation speed after being packed with breakfast goodies galore night time lit up by the tungsten bulbs soon they’ll be at their destination – where the fork-lift is waiting patiently then, they’ll be stacked up on the shelves for the shoppers to buy

  • There’s a dragon in the garden

    #writeclub There’s a dragon in the garden making people smile he was placed on the path, by the daffodils and he’s been there for quite a while See when the moon is full and made its rise the people passing by get a wonderful surprise you might just be thinking of who, what and why […]

  • Wol


    Hanging about on a tree branch really isn’t much fun I’d much rather be swooping about the blue sky in rays of the sun I watch some bugs moving about around the light green leaves they’re chomping on my bedding the greedy little thieves Out of the Sun Away from the light Awaiting the moon […]

  • Diversion

    #Road #Roadworks #Pavement I They turned up in the middle of the night and lifted up their paving slabs before lifting up the tarmac II Improvements to the daily journey the promises made III Signs of Improvement ? not forthcoming Big Red Signs lead away from the holes IV Short five minutes to the shopping […]

  • Lamp post

    Lamp post

    #writephoto #lamppost Lining the city streets a touch of craftsmanship, making the green spaces safe for pedestrians to walk about at night of course, their lights are turned off when the sun is at its height that’s when people sit on the park bench nearby it

  • The day the toy store came to life

    #Writeclub #Thedaythetoystorecametolife I It was half day closing for toytown the shopkeepers birthday was here the shopkeeper turned over the “Open” Sign and made his way home without fear II He closed the door behind him and the bell on the door made a ring not knowing what was going to happen and the magic […]

  • The best pet i never had

    Another #Napowrimo prompt from Maire @ #Writeclub enjoy the poem! I In my life i’ve had a few pets and lots of trips to the local vets i’ve had a dog and lots of cats but i’ve never had a giant fruit bat II You see i always saw them at the zoo and watched […]

  • Day or night

    #writeclub #astronomy #day #night #worldpoetryday Whilst morning skies bring an occasional dash of colour don’t forget to take your umbrella to see the light show When the sun goes to sleep a carefully choreographed carpet of velvet cascades across the sky with far off stars all trying to grab your attention Crab, Bull and Ram […]

  • Fortune


    #Socs #Fortune Council employees often get additional bonuses on top of usual salaries not that you would notice collecting the coins dropped down the street in the futile attempt to get the last vehicle home after a night out on the town

  • Moondance

    #wdys Making the most of that precious opportunity, when in the field out of the last rays of sun, just before nightfall – Luna makes an appearance down below her – the children skip and jig and above them – feathered friends flap excited as night begins to fall children will be called in as […]