Acrostic Colours Flowers Garden Poetry


#Fowc #Cluster

Coming to life from beneath the ground

leaves hiding a burst of colour

until its time for the flowers to

say “Hello!” to the bright morning sky. keeping

together for their own protection

each individual flower adding their own bit of

radiant colour to the garden

Fireworks Outdoors People


#fowc #brilliant

Photo by Pixabay on

bursting colour out into the night sky

revellers watching the sight as the bells chime

it’s almost time for old father time to switch with his younger brother

launching a whole new year

light show of exploding sparkle

it’s like someone’s brightened up the darkness

and people are partying under it as the new year arrives

note the whooshing of the rockets and

the sound of the crowd as they travel towards the moon

Garden Poetry

Poisonous Plants

#writephoto #nature #plants #poison

Poisonous Plants – Image by KL Caley

Positioned where they are in the garden,

perhaps its best leaving them where they are…

pretty colours often a sign to the

present wildlife – to stay away,

of course – the pesky bees and wasps are welcome

pollen needs to be spread – so they grow again next time

precaution needs to be made of course

pretty colours often contain some kind of deterrent

pepper red – a message to canine, feline and human alike

please! don’t eat me….

Colours Fruit

Atomic Tangerine

#cyw #atomic #tangerine #fruit

A sensation

Thats what i guess you would call it

Out of the fruit

Many segments of zingy fruit

In a haphazard

Circular formation

Tangy on the tongue

as you bite on the segments

navigating your way to the juice

great explosions as the segments

empty their flavoured cargo

round the mouth

its like an orange – but some say they’re

nicer than that, and easier to peel

expect smiles around the fruit bowl when the kids get home

Colours Poetry Summer


#CYW #Aquamarine

Photo by Jill Burrow on

They say its the true colour of water

but by the time you’ve had your cordial added

the fruit has fizzled it away

It sets of a summer holiday perfectly

as the sun reflects its blue

and you wan’t to dip your toes

on perfect days, the sky mirrors the sea

and its like the sea begins where the sky ends

wonderful to look at from a deckchair

of course, the jeweller likes this colour

its the birthstone thats usually surrounded by diamonds

so its no wonder he likes it

or the colour of the eyes of the young lady

whos entered his shop

to purchase a ring with this precious stone

Acrostic Colours Food Fruit


#CYW #Apricot

Photo by Markus Spiske on

A fruit smaller than its cousin, the peach

people say its not as hairy, but tasty nevertheless

reactions – some say its just right – others say wheres the rest of it ?

its nice on its own, or in a yoghurt or even with cereal

craziest thing of all – you can get them in a packet – dried

of course, you don’t have to eat them dried

then again why would you want to?

Colours Food Fruit Poetry

Yellow Green

#CYW #Yellow-green

A pair of most confused fruit

hung from the citrus tree

the gardeners couldn’t decide

if they were lemons or limes

you see as they were growing

it was clear as can be

two little green limes – hanging off the tree

but soon there was change and sunshine appeared

as the limes turned to lemons – it seemed a bit weird

the chef in the kitchen came out to the tree

and the fruit that was hanging there to have a look – see

he took them to the kitchen and there took a taste

then put them in a pie so they wouldn’t go to waste

and the staff in the garden all had a try

of the in-between lemon (or was it lime?) pie

Acrostic Poetry


#fowc #idea

Inspiration combined with a bit of

Design and a splash of

Exciting colour – produces something

Appreciated by everyone who uses it



#MLMM #Photochallenge

Photo credit: fotografierende on

Feet firmly placed on

Fresh Formulated Marble Floor

Filling the next stage of the

Fabulous makeover of the house

For inspiration – trinkets and memories recorded,

Four walls waiting for ideas to be transposed

Poetry Summer Sunset


#CYW #Sunglow

Some say its the colour of the sun,

under the summer sunshade as it

nips down toward the horizon – heading to a

great mass of sand on the other side of the earth –

longing to see it again – the sunworshippers

often seen watching dipping down past the waterline

where it gives a few last rays of light before the moon arrives