Fifth of November, is the day remembered, When royalists decided to have an exciting time under the palace of westminster of course, their plan went really wrong, as they were caught by men with keys to the cellar – where the gunpowder was kept so instead of the palace burning – the royalists lost theirContinue reading “Fireworks”


#CYW #Colour #Ocean #Blue #Octpowrimo It’s that colour you see far off when you’re sat on the beach looking at the horizon and you’re looking at the water far away Could it be that colour that entered the sky when the roundness of the sun ups and leaves the sky leaving it darker with onlyContinue reading “Cerulean”


#Octpowrimo #Lightness Salford, 29th October 2019 As summer draws to a close and green leaves turn to red the leaves of the less evergreen aided by wind rain and streams float off in a dream, light as a feather to their final resting spot where they leave a mark of colour on the paths aroundContinue reading “Lightness”


#Fruit #Oranges #Food On bright summer days in spain or Greece, you’ll find these Ripening nicely on a coastal tree somewhere As the fruit gets ready to drop – its colour goes Navigating from Green to Orange…a sign the fruit is Getting ready for eating Each nice eaten on their own , with ice cream,Continue reading “Oranges”

Challenge 30 – No3

Something in Colour and Black and white Something B&W and in Colour…. Two things, my England Barbarians Top and My Imperial War Museum Fleece The BaBa Rugby Shirt is Black and White, Whilst my Museum Fleece has had all the colour drained from it – it would be brilliant red if this were colour…. BothContinue reading “Challenge 30 – No3”


#Time #Clock #Mechanism Salford 12th August 2018 Light permeated through the window pane as the clock chimed eight passing through the curtains and landing as a spray of colour on the floor and simultaneously, the radio lets everyone know, news current for the day just as the door opens and the elves get to workContinue reading “Clockwork”