Playing in the side street

Salford, 25th September 2019 #Salford #Children #Parking #Gardens #Street #Sports In order to save themselves some pocket money the sports fans find convenient side streets parking off the main road on the way to the stadium One by one, they move on to empty paving ignoring the call of the parking charge plastered on theContinue reading “Playing in the side street”

Final Whistle

#fowc #referee #sport #football #rules #ball It’s a funny old game is Football You walk for miles down roads and up stairs to get to those golden ticketed chairs – then as players take to the field you wait for the referee to yield – the man in the middle – you await his callContinue reading “Final Whistle”


10th February 2019 #Football To readers the other side of the big pond – a poem about football or what you call soccer – Inky While the greats are revered in Bronze New idols are to be cheered on by the fans At both ends of the East Lancashire Road Fans follow every kick , head everyContinue reading “Anticipate”

Challenge 30 – No 4

Taken Midday Half way through Saturday Fish wi summat spicy is cooking downstairs the birds are flying round the close having returned from foreign climbs and football fans are converging on a corner chippy of their favourite ground they’re in good company but i’ll wait till the cod lands on the noodles indoors.

Edge of your seat stuff

Tenterhooks Old Trafford, Manchester 3rd December 2017 They’ve been doing this for years Sat in the arena watching the gladiators Facing off against one another Spectators nails chewed to the quick as the clock ticks down to the 90th minute cheering every tackle calling every decision applauding every header and jumping for joy if theirContinue reading “Edge of your seat stuff”


#coloryourworld #cyw #shamrock Salford 23rd February 2017   Lucky 🍀 Irish green You spread good fortune 🔮 To all who find you Is it fortune or chance That besets your finder Only time will tell As they scour the fields On search for your four leaves In time for the football match