Insects Poetry

Dont lick a Wasp

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Dont lick a wasp

a reflection by inky

I’ve always preferred Bees to wasps

and there’s a very good reason why

Bees when they sting – its a last resort

they’d much more evade you and fly

And while bees try their best to get away

The wasp cannot be called “chilled”

as it darts at great speed with its stinger

to deliver and alkaline spill

Their hives – you couldn’t call “useful”

a home to lay eggs – that is all

unlike bees who storing their honey

in each of the cells of their wall

And as bees throw their lives for defences

the wasps its all attack at speed

and you spending your time with vinegar

hoping the wasp sting doesn’t bleed

So the moral of the story – dont anger the wasp

licking it’s a task not to try

you’ll be best to try and destract it

and watch – as away it will fly



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From the rooftops they moved

From one to the the other

Freely through the morning air and

Floating Marshmallow

Free as birds are to do as they please – looking for a change of scene


Point of evaporation


a response to a writeclub prompt by inky

The heat of the kitchen

was the moment

The hydrogen twins

departed from their oxygen mum

And went their own way

Flying around the air

In an attempt to find their own space

Acrostic Poetry


#Fowc #Fish

Free flowing water

is the home to some of the most

sensational creatures –

helping themselves under sea

Flying through the water

its an artform in itself –

sometimes they sail through the air

holding their breath for the briefest of seconds

Formation of shoals

is a kind of “safety in numbers”

Some say

Hell comes – from a drift net in the water

Birds Garden Lockdown poems Nature

Up above

Salford, 11th February 2021

Somethings afoot

as the birds are becoming restless

leaping off their ceramic perches and

flying headlong into the birdbaths of locals gardens

occasionally, they’ll land on the turf or trees

resting on a branch or two – or even a fence

devouring the birdseed someone has left for them

#socs #aboveandbeyond

Acrostic Nature Poetry

Catching the wind

#writephoto #soar

Riding the storm (Image SC Vincent)

Swifter than their feathered brethren – they

welcome the signs of a changing breeze

it means they’ll be off with their cousins the swallows

for some warm air , seeds and sunshine, whilst

taking occasional naps under leafy sunshades

Some might say they float in the air

when these birds have their wings stretched out

imminent signs of departure – remote

for they’ll need to fill their bellies

to have the energy to fly towards the warm sun

Acrostic Birds Garden Poetry


#Robin #EuropeanRobin #Redbreast #Bird

Salford, 30th May 2020

European Robin : Image by Inky

Returning to the garden after a brief sojourn

our friend you find on christmas cards, was found resting on the fence

bringing a spot of additional colour to the trees in the garden

its possible, he was interested in the wildflower seeds

near the little spruce trees – but he raised a smile as he hopped about


Soaring through Salford Skies

#Salford #Birds #Blue #Skies

24th May 2020

Swiftly flying through the blue

a whole host of feathered friends

lift their wings and soar through the air

for while the humans stay indoors

only the odd cat need be looked out for as they

roll about and enjoy the summer air

dancing around the tree tops and saying hello through the windows

Birds Seasons Spring

Feathered Friends

Salford 30th April 2020

They come back every spring time

when the mercury starts to rise

taking up a home in the trees

giving passers by a surprise

Two birds sitting in their nest

wait till little uns do arrive

then mum and dad will feed them

so the little uns do thrive

And each morning when the suns up

Mum (or Dad) does hop

out of their green leaved little home

on a journey to the shops

Returning with some corn or wheat

or maybe a worm or a bug

to feed up the little birdies

in the nest all nice and snug

But like all little children

they grow up and explore

so don’t be surprised, if in morning you rise

and find the kids next door



Salford 9th April 2020

The wildlife of the locality

have had their free reign

with everyone inside

and no sight of rain

swooping around

enjoying the air

landing on rooftops

without a care

meeting up with old pals

on a moonlit street

the pickings are meagre

there’s no one to greet

watching the geese and ducks

out on parade

spotting scattered birdseed

heading off on a raid