Salford , 2nd April 2020 Someone is hovering over Salford’s bins every day they’ve been seen – on spying missions and some say – they’re worse than the pigeons gracefully flying through the skies until the bins on the waterside are looking full – likelihood is – they’ll chance their luck – with a lassContinue reading “Seagulls”


Salford. 26th March 2020 In the time’s of this nasty virus It’s very good to know Mother nature’s sent out a message and the birds have said hello For while we’ve been in isolation our friends with their wings have flown by to give us some pleasant distraction from the news that’s been catching ourContinue reading “Visitors”

Heading for the warm

#birds #nest #poetry The mercury retreating was a sign Restless mums and dads Feeding their offspring So flying lessons could begin Up in the nest They flapped their wings Facing the worst The weather could bring And out from the nest They jumped and they flapped Heading for a tree Their mum and dad mappedContinue reading “Heading for the warm”

In Flight

Salford 26th August 2017 The aviators are circling again looking for a suitable place to rest whilst the sun is high in a northern sky Gliding from roof to roof checking out the pickings in lined up gardens Unafraid and Unabashed to businesses back yards they’ll pip for some chucked out fish (or stray chips)Continue reading “In Flight”


Calm Crowds sit in seaside hotels All in a state – the beach is closed because of winds Local kids cant fly their kites, say the lifeguards Making the kids unhappy   Cause of the distress ? All due to tomorrows weather forecast, Look up to the air, at the clear blue sky Maybe they’ve got it wrong –Continue reading “Calm”


Mythical Mighty mystical creature of folklore old Your reputation goes before you Terrorising the neighbourhoods in days of yore Head of an eagle, body of a lion Invincible in flight – no knight could catch you, Capturer of any treasure hunter wanting to get your gold Altai mountain kings regard you as their guard LookingContinue reading “Griffin”

Old Moggy Mew

31st October 2016 A poem for Halloween – written by yours truly. Artwork composed using Colorfy Old Moggy Mew By Brian F Kirkham Old Black cat sits on the broken stone step, waiting for his owner to appear. She’s taken to the air in flight the midnight sky is clear. And as the stars they move about AContinue reading “Old Moggy Mew”

A Cat-astrophe

Plop 6th September 2016 The scene Blackpool promenade – a local fish and chip emporium family of four – Mum,Dad and two boys eating , outside in the summer sun – what else but fish? – haddock and chips the two lads are asked would they like an ice cream they say yes – meanwhile inContinue reading “A Cat-astrophe”

Northerly and westerly

in response to the prompt Wind   A Blustery wind on a stretch of sand a perfect launchpad to set off a kite   As it captures the northern breeze it rises high and its tail follows   Watch as the wind and the sun in the sky paint colours down on the seaside belowContinue reading “Northerly and westerly”

The Dragon’s Egg

Another tale from the pages of written by me – Enjoy the read Some workers were digging up pipes underground, when a very large coloured egg in the sand it was found. Now, the foreman of th’ site didn’t know what to do, so he called up some keepers from th’ local zoo. TheContinue reading “The Dragon’s Egg”