Desert Sand

#CYW #Desert #Sand Drifting in over land and sea enveloping everything it passes sand from the sahara travels on the wind easily passing over land and sea resting on roofs, cars and even plants the succulents smile – they’ve seen this before Soil looking more like blackpool than old trafford as grains land on theContinue reading “Desert Sand”


#octpowrimo #pantoum An attempt at the pantoum format, for octpowrimo Monday, 28th October 2019 Who needs a wake up call As the deliveries drive In Lorries, cars, bikes … one and all Dropping parcels with a grin As deliveries drive in You can hear the wheels a moving dropping parcels with a grin As peopleContinue reading “Rumble”


Cacophony It begins quietly enough the sound of birds waking from their nests and perching themselves on the sculpted columns of buildings the sound sweetly moves past the windows joined by a wail of a cat and a dog arguing over the stray beefburger dropped the night before the rumble of tyres – joined byContinue reading “Cacophony”

Riding around in Outer Space

Location : Brain and Spinal Injury Centre, Salford friday 30th June 2017 Me and my chums in the photography group at BASIC played around with some special effects today. Using images from magazines and some toy cars and lego men, We created something rather special…courtesy of our cameras (including my trusty Sony DSC) and aContinue reading “Riding around in Outer Space”

Late Night Listening

Twenty to two you’re wide awake listening to the sounds that the night owls make   The rumble of goods from factory to store the bells of the crossings as the train tracks roar   Cool cats wail out their tunes on the corner sounding like a group of funeral mourners   And the hornsContinue reading “Late Night Listening”