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A Kind of Window….


Barnard Castle Balcony

The room you had booked on the internet

could be called a room with a view

palatial, with sights of the gardens

your own balcony

with views of the river

it could almost be paradise

but for one little thing

mornings could be a little fresh

for in your palatial apartment

they’d forgot to put glass in any of the windows

don’t forget to wrap up warm now…..

Monuments Places Poetry

Night Games

#promptuarium #gods #stonehenge

The Druids were disturbed on Tuesday morn

to find their inner sanctum slightly different

to the way they’d left it on Monday Night

It seemed that the younger gods

liked playing with the columns of stone

and so did their Danish cousins

They found a structure at woodland elsewhere

put together with the stones with care

a home for three furry, homeless bears

Calling on Mother Nature’s hand

the bears were rehomed, and the structure replanned

and the left over stones, young uns kept on their toes

as they played a game of dominoes

Photo by Kyle Stehling on


Folly II

#writephoto #folly


Walking through the gardens

you might have wondered

just what it was

A walled structure


or an unfinished


No roof – just a floor

but two open doors

hard to explain

why you let in the rain

Buildings Poetry Space

Rising up

#Napowrimo #paperswans #building #tower #lights

From the towers base

you could easily make

out where you saw

pathway to cosmos

lit up in plasma colours

laser pink and blue

UFO Friendly ?

a call to every craft –

“Come and Visit!”

Buildings Family Life


#fowc #renovate

Oldhouse – painting from stock photo by inky


When the owners left

the house looked

a little delapidated




Old paint on the walls

hardly a picasso

showed what needed

changing for the better



Electricals changed

Gas men took a visit

while new paint hit

freshly sugar – soaped



No Carpet – but Rugs

on Laminated wood floors

lighting to brighten

the mood of the place and show off

the spectrum of colour


What’s for Tea ? the little lad asks

as pots boil on the brand new cooker

while his brother draws pictures

sitting by the sofa

watching Saturday Afternoon cartoons

Art Poetry

Through a window (stained)

#Stained #Glass #Window #Poetry #art #crafts

Produced from pieces of coloured glass

individually picked out and placed in a frame

capturing a scene of a famous building

together, as the sun shines through each piece

up on the walls a coloured scene appears

reactions – by the people amazing

enjoying the site on the steel walls


Buildin’ it up


They give you a plot of land

and a pot of cash to spend

your dreams of a marvellous city

grow without end

Tents and huts become cottages

with fields of wheat and cows

technology gets developed

as you read and learn and browse

Advisors give you the knowledge

what to build and who to hire

and keep your island safe

from collapses and of fire

And as you reach the finish line

you’ve almost done the race

completing an ultimate goal

a city grown in space



#Fowc #Design

Blueprint of a design

Desired ideas from the craftsmens heads

extruded onto paper

some say its an artwork in itself as

individual pieces of a building, product or vehicle

get shown on paper

noting their structures and little quirks



The men with the money

were at the soup kitchen today

a place where the homeless

go for their lunch

The men with the money

say there’s plenty of homes

they’re dropping them on the council land

like bits of confetti

And the men with the money

say its all been approved

while they cut out the affordable

and the homeless were moved

Where did they go – on the darkest of nights

to a place that was open – avoiding the fights

away from the shiny bright towers of the rich

not far from the spot – they call their pitch

But out of the darkness – a small ray of light

as a lad finds himself a bed for the night

and cheers in abundance as his pals they all smile

as he’ll be out of the cold and the rain for a while

Learning Life



Building blocks of different shape and colour

Teach all sorts of useful skill

And its lots of fun when they fall over


They might call you a marvel of language

but you’ve got to engage with the locals

if you want to order your lunch


Your eye is the best judge

but don’t be disheartened

if that pear looks like a plum

add a peach to the fruitbowl instead


Picking a subject

taking a shot

if you’re not happy with your shot

there’s always the delete button

or perhaps you could edit it at home ?


Yellow tennis ball

perfect thing for practicing

reflex actions

catching out in the field

(The red cork ball – saved for match day)