welcome to the inkwell

A Collection of writings and Scribbles

from the pen of B.F.Kirkham aka Inkdrop



#socs #art #product #pencils #colour #drawing Positioned in the plastic case, from red through purple with every other colour of the rainbow waiting to be drawn with unless you’re doing strictly monochrome , these coloured sticks are the perfect pencils to draw out a colourful scene


#Fowc #Robbery The cost of your average breaktime snack seems to have elevated itself skywards blame who you want for this but it can’t be the cocoa farmer his workers or their family or the shopkeeper stocking his shelves no, its the middle man who purchased the chocolate factory for a mere song he might […]


#writephoto #plane Positioned over the colours of his squadron lovingly arranged like the insignia on his side an example of the craft that used to patrol over this green now stands proud over the flowers representing everyone that flew in him