First in the water

#nature #winter #swimming While the rest were going about their morning routine this brave soul decided to take the plunge into the northern waters fed by the Mersey and Medlock Water, skiddy in places, where jack frost had turned it to ice but with all those feathers, he was well waterproofed and ready for hisContinue reading “First in the water”

Keeping time

#FFFC #Music #Poetry It was like he’d never been away. the audience cheered and called out his name as he beat out a familiar rhythm with his sticks while the musicians around him followed his tune an old pied piper watching the jazz mice dance in the morning the writers would pour on praise asContinue reading “Keeping time”


Salford, 9th November 2021 (response to a write club theme by inky) What’s that noise ? beyond the glass up in the rooftops its the birds that pass surveying the autumn pickings on the frost laden grass What’s that noise? beyond the bricks the pipes are playing at quarter to six rolling water like streamsContinue reading “Noise”

Back to school

There was a sullen look over breakfast Samantha pushed her bacon and eggs around the plate Summertime was over – it was the start of a new term “Do I have to go” she pleaded, at the person opposite her at the table “I could always say i’m not well….” The newspaper opposite her ruffledContinue reading “Back to school”

Thinking of Breakfast

#writeclub #breakfast Up all night travelling in their magnificent chariot making their way to their destination Thinking of breakfast Driving to Penzance from John – o – Groats looking to fill the stomachs and throats Thinking of breakfast Dropping off cargo, at a rendezvous point all the time thinking, of a roasted lamb joint orContinue reading “Thinking of Breakfast”


#holidays #citrus #oranges #icecream It’s funny you know Nearly every single orange you buy – comes from Spain and yet, when you go on holiday there you find ’em ready – squeezed to be delivered for breakfast in a glass and hiding away in a fridge now if you time it right – you canContinue reading “Naranja”


#CYW #Yellow I Colour of the morning sun set amongst the blue sky and patchy white cloud II Breakfast calls in the colour of your boiled egg circled by toasted soldiers III In the garden the lions of the lawn greet you with hello IV Afternoon treat tween two slices of bread or eaten onContinue reading “Yellow”

Campfire Breakfasts

#Writeclub #Camping #Reflection Preparation is key while your big billy can is boiling up your morning tea you don’t want to waste supplies on your first efforts Using a steel bowl for the mixing eight eggs meet up with salt and pepper as butter melts in the pan the bread has to be thick toContinue reading “Campfire Breakfasts”