Tag: Breakfast

  • Transit

    #fowc #Transit There it goes, heading down the road at regulation speed after being packed with breakfast goodies galore night time lit up by the tungsten bulbs soon they’ll be at their destination – where the fork-lift is waiting patiently then, they’ll be stacked up on the shelves for the shoppers to buy

  • Inside the parlour

    #writeclub The Queen was in her parlour eating bread and honey The golden spread was sweet and thick and well worth the money Created by a busy bunch of dedicated bees creating lots of tasty treats from nectar from flowers and trees Amount used ? call it pennies, taken out of the royal accounts but […]

  • Sunday Morning Call

    #Nature #Weekend #Birds Over the horizon the sun god pops while beyond the curtain a message drops beyond the glazing and well past the wall the birds have awoken some making a call Not much to chirp at at this time of day but the cats are all inside so it’s time to play especially […]

  • Bramble


    #Socs By the thorn and bracken really tasty fruit can be found and collected by the fruit picker to make the tastiest jelly blackberries they might not be – but you can leave those for the pie everyone enjoys bramble jelly on toast

  • Cereal

    #Fowc #Cereal What a life! you spent most of your life underground finding the strength to head for the sky till one morning the harvester arrived and you and your mates found yourself bundled into bags and sent to a place where you were chopped up moulded and mashed to be thrown into a box […]

  • First in the water

    #nature #winter #swimming While the rest were going about their morning routine this brave soul decided to take the plunge into the northern waters fed by the Mersey and Medlock Water, skiddy in places, where jack frost had turned it to ice but with all those feathers, he was well waterproofed and ready for his […]

  • Orange Juice

    #Morning #Breakfast Fresh from the brightest fruit on the tree and bright as the sun it absorbed Nature’s dose of energy for the morning no additives required Slightly nippy from its time in the fridge but maintaining its zesty zing wake up call for the taste buds as vitamin C comes calling

  • Keeping time

    Keeping time

    #FFFC #Music #Poetry It was like he’d never been away. the audience cheered and called out his name as he beat out a familiar rhythm with his sticks while the musicians around him followed his tune an old pied piper watching the jazz mice dance in the morning the writers would pour on praise as […]

  • Noise


    Salford, 9th November 2021 (response to a write club theme by inky) What’s that noise ? beyond the glass up in the rooftops its the birds that pass surveying the autumn pickings on the frost laden grass What’s that noise? beyond the bricks the pipes are playing at quarter to six rolling water like streams […]

  • An Ode to a Horse

    An Ode to a Horse

    Oh Noble Horse who lives on the plain eating a bounty of oats and grain i have to ask have you lost your way as i see you and a pal trotting in play there’s no one around as i watch you with fright only your riders on this cold lonely night i’d hate to […]