Tag: Toast

  • Bramble


    #Socs By the thorn and bracken really tasty fruit can be found and collected by the fruit picker to make the tastiest jelly blackberries they might not be – but you can leave those for the pie everyone enjoys bramble jelly on toast

  • Balance


    #writeclub Outdoors in the Midsummer wind is a girl practicing Tai Chi on the lawn Something she does each morning before enjoying a morning feast of egg and toasted soldiers You could say its all reletive as each piece of toast mirrors each other around the plate sausage provide occasional symmetry but dont bring up […]

  • Sensation


    #wordpressprompt #feedyoursenses Early morning rumble cars muffled by double glazing dripping of water heading for the drain saved by a silver – armored plugstop fingers frolicking in warm soapy water throwing it towards the face in play towel comes to the rescue and they all make their way down to the kitchen porcelain meets cocoa […]

  • Butter


    #socs #food #butter I Born out of the milkchurn, unsalted and golden taking a morning trip onto toast, crumpets and scones even the odd fish or two remarkable II Brought together with flour and sugar up in the kitchen there’s something sweet cooking, the mix is in the oven, but everyone knows the best part […]

  • Buttered toast

    #winter #snack A winters night Dark and crisp Veil of cloud covering like a blanket Exciting times round the corner, but Nourishment required…to go with the cheese Toasty bread, heavily buttered

  • Breakfast

    Salford, 7th April 2020 #Food #Morning #Breakfast #Napowrimo A prompt from Writerswrite.co.za – cheers to the promptuarium for providing the list of prompts Best meal of the day, some people call it…. Ripe tasty bananas slapped between two pieces of buttered bread, or Egg, boiled and salted, and served up with bread soldiers A hearty […]

  • Toastie I

    Toastie I

    #Food #Poetry Salford, 2nd February 2020 Totally encompassed in this little parcel out of nowhere, a sausage or two sends sensations to the tastebuds totally making them wild with each chew inquisitive minds wonder – what’s in it that’s so delicious ? eat up! and you’ll find out!

  • Toast

    Salford , 25th April 2019 Triangular wonder cooked by the heat of a thousand suns in a silver toaster warming and turning soft white (or maybe brown) bread golden and toasty Yellow butter melts as it lands on the surface sinking slowly at the sound of the pop of a jar opening and the imminent […]

  • Brambles

    Born on a spikey berry bush Purple / pink fruit bursting with flavour bursting with juice – pressed to the touch cooked down in a pan – to a tasty mush turned into jelly – a taste to savour spread over bread – or sometimes toast kids enjoy the tastes so much Breakfast time they […]

  • Honeycomb 2

    Honeycomb 2

    Manchester, 11th august #beeinthecity #manchester #hunnypot six sided structure created by worker bees for the colony sleeping in their nest little bees dream of honey from flowers next door Travelling over air homing pigeons cannot beat worker bees radar treasures collected from inside the flower head create a sweet thing flavour from pollen transferred to […]