4th January 2020 Everyone our way knows it as an aubergine grilled and served up with grated cheese and tomato purple tinge to its black skin – never known once grilled leaping to life in any greek dish and lipsmackingly wonderful on a summers day note though – best served with oil and herbs tastesContinue reading “Eggplant”


Definitely something to go with cheese In a salad, with tomato and cucumber Goes great in a picnic or lunch box Even nicer when covered in dark chocolate Some say, it’s the daddy of all biscuits To others, the rich tea aficionados Its a worthy opponent Versatile whether with a hot drink, or on aContinue reading “Digestive”

Mac and cheese

#coloryourworld #cyw #macandcheese in the kitchen, Mr Macaroni was a hardened fellow living in his glass palace with his friends. he went for a swim to oblivion via a bubbling hot pool his chums came as well (they thought him a fool) but waiting for him, and there right on time was delightful miss cheese,Continue reading “Mac and cheese”