Memories of a Tabby Cat

Salford, 23rd October 2019 #Octpowrimo #cat #Memories They called you crazy – but you were quite a character, king of the garden and the dining room floor ignoring the cat food – for sardines or cod and eating fish batter – which I found rather odd got into a fuss if little ones picked youContinue reading “Memories of a Tabby Cat”

In Other Words – Delicious

A five line response to the picture provided for the prompt by Patricia’s Place @ perfectly pampered puddytat ponders whats for tea perhaps chicken or pork, or maybe – beef ? his belief – but today his wish is a big plate of fish

Two Brothers

A tale of two neighbourhood cats – c/o my profile on Sat on a grassy spot, someplace by the house two brothers sit on the outside porch dreaming about a mouse They’re waiting for their mum to serve up summat for tea and have been playing in the backyard rolling in the grass withContinue reading “Two Brothers”


Creature capable of anything, the dockside cat. running the roost over the old area of nine dock eager to grab the pickings, that hide from an expectant audience, more likely to see actors than a furry tailed family, resident by the basin usual routines the order of the day, watching the drains lining the road,Continue reading “Creature”


Salford, 15th November 2017 In response to the daily post prompt Territory Tortoiseshell tom surveys his patch of green even the dogs know to stay off this lawn royal rumbles await any interloper rounding on the garden its all his – and every night he lets you know taking on those who’d want to markContinue reading “Territory”


Salford 22nd September An Acrostic in response to the Daily Post…. Crumb Cakes and puddings Resolutely rounded off, their memory occasionally left Under the dining room table – a veritable feast for the domestic Mouse, guinea pig or hamster who help themselves to the Bits of topping  missed by mum or dad Look out ,Continue reading “Crumble”