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Put a Pin on it

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Someone once told me – you never really leave the scouts

In a sense – i guess they were right.

Why? i hear you ask – because of some little things picked up along the way

back when i was a cub scout (yeah! i am that old) when we went on expeditions or on camps, we’d try and pick up a patch for our camp blankets – which kept us warm on cold nights and some of us turned into ponchos for night time around the camp

I collected plenty of these badges – and still have them in the house in a box – as a reminder of the places i’ve been

Yorkshire Dales, Edinburgh, Peak District, Lake District, Cheshire, Lancashire….

Manchester 2002 pin badge

But i guess fashions change….and around the time when Manchester hosted the Commonwealth Games, the cloth patches turned a little more smaller and a little more harder….and a little more metallic.

There were Pin badges with the Manchester logo on them , 18 Sports pins covering the various sports events, country pins and team pins for the staff

And after the games had finished, places of interest took up the mantle as well as other sporting events.

Turn the lock forward to 2012 – and i’m finding myself at Old Trafford and the Pins are back

Olympic Ambassadors pin ….Old Trafford manchester

Reminders of places visited, Events volunteeered at and things achieved

They even introduced them at the Imperial War Museum – for years of service

Poetry Sport

Kick off

Old Trafford, Manchester, 14th August 2021

Old Trafford – Manchester Utd

They’d been preparing for this for weeks

Olympics – a mere distraction

to what lay ahead

The match – early saturday

the vendors – out with their home made goods – were there on Friday

the banner stretched across the entrance gate window

a statement of intent

red carpet laid out for the opposition fans

hoping they’d enjoy the spectacle – if not the scoreline


Upside down

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In a topsy turvy world

as sunlight headed for the horizon

the sun was rising on the other half of the earth

While people were eating their evening meal

athletes were in the gymnasium

after having a hearty breakfast

so as breakfast tv was being shown on the big box

athletes were making final preparation

to run, hop, skip and jump

their way into the history books

Poetry Sport


This ain’t no pulp fiction

Or a work from Shakespeare

Candid Cameras aren’t hiding round

to jump up and appear

Events they are a happening

this can’t be called “Fake News”

Competitors are going for the medals

Commentators – are blowing a fuse

For favourites are being shown the door

whilst outsiders pick up Gold and More

from countries more than favourites yield

in sports olympic, track and field

And while they sit there, mouths open wide

the rank outsiders running with pride

he’s a very happy chap

for he’s running his own victory lap

Outdoors Parks Poetry Sport


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The golf pro landed the ball


all seemed well

that was until

aided by the grass or on its own

perhaps by wind it was blown

down the slope , and into a trap

into the sand, in a moments snap

the ball was rescued by his sand wedge

only to find its self back on the ledge

and on this slightly windy day

he watched, as his ball down the hill, rolled away

Sport Sports


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Holding on to the ball ?

Out of the question in my younger years – but Now

Occasionally, i’ll be in the right place to

Position the ball against the backboard to

Score a point

Acrostic Drink Life Pleasures Poetry

The Answer Squash

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Sweltering heat on Mediterranean shores

quenching relief required

up in the trees lies a solution allied with

aqua cool and clear

sensational on a summers day

help yourself to a glass or two


Oranges, Lemons, Blackcurrants

just the job on a hot sunny day

something sweet and juicy to

cool off while out of the hot summer sun

sweet and juicy – and with ice

quite refreshing


Sports stars take a break in the halves

quenching their thirst and keeping

units of water up – to keep cool

as they run around the

sporting arena – football, tennis, or athletics, without it its

hell out there.

Leisure Life Sport Sports


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you’ve been doing this

since you were little

toddling round the garden

Rewards ? Only you know

there’s a time to beat – from a to b

kept from the last time you did it

stopwatch started at the first step

and while you pound the sandstone and tarmac

you’re chasing down your personal prize

Obstacles a plenty – pedestrians to bollards

but aside from the medals round your neck

the best reward ? the lower number on the bathroom scales

Poetry Sport Sports Water Waterside

Red Canoe

Red Canoe Enters

The bay of the Canal side

ready for paddles

Red Canoe Enters

Cutting through watery depths

Creating White Waves

Red Canoe Enters

Gliding past the floating buoys

in shades of orange

Acrostic Football Performance Poetry


Salford, 28th April 2020

#Napowrimo #Sport

Sports teams require more than the eleven put out on the pitch

qualified physiotherapists, doctors and coaching staff

up at the training venues ensure

a match fit, well prepared team to

do their thing when the ref blows his whistle