Category: Nature

  • Colours of Autumn

    #Acer #Nature #Colours You can tell when summers ending by looking in our back yard as the bright green leaves of the Acer tree have already started to change by the turning of green to yellow start of autumn sees a lack of green ink as the yellow turns red on the leaves the birds […]

  • Friendly Foliage

    #Onelinerwednesday #1linerWeds. “If you need cover in rain or shine – I’m your plant” Written for Linda G. Hill’s One-Liner Wednesday prompt. Photo credit:

  • Warm & Cosy

    Warm & Cosy

    #WDYS They’ve been resting on a nest of twigs , moss and down sleeping away while mum and dad’s gone to town And as they’ve been sleeping they’ve started to grow awaiting the time that from egg they must go And as that time comes they’ll all hack away and spend time in the nest […]

  • Sunflowers


    The field of sunflowers spent the week looking for the sun The Sun that week was resting behind some very fluffy clouds Those at the front of the field wondered where their source of sunlight had gone Those in the middle jostled about, in the hope they’d catch a ray or two A couple turned […]

  • Make friends with a tree

    #writeclub #tree You’ve seen this arboreous giant nearly every day walking down the sandy pathways and grabbing some shade from the warmth of the sun he provides a nice place for picnics thing is….have you ever considered your green leaved friend? it can’t be easy for him being outside in every conceivable weather while satisfying […]

  • Stairway

    #Writephoto getting towards the stream on a summers day is a bit of a pain when you left your tent pitched at the first spot at the top of the valley got to admit though its ingenious the way the farmer and his men have left you the way to enjoy fresh water grass covered […]

  • Sunday Morning Call

    #Nature #Weekend #Birds Over the horizon the sun god pops while beyond the curtain a message drops beyond the glazing and well past the wall the birds have awoken some making a call Not much to chirp at at this time of day but the cats are all inside so it’s time to play especially […]

  • Scorched

    #Fowc #Scorch They say summer’s brilliant, but Tell that to the trees – They’ve been reaching out to the god of thunder for just a Trace of moisture from the skies above Their roots already seeking out the last few drops of water The forest is parched – turning into a Tinderbox

  • The Sea

    #poem #wordart #nature #beach #sea #water #character a wordart piece by inky The sea is a friendly fellow For when the children waved to say Hello It waved back

  • Clear


    #Socs #Clear #Air #Water The water in the glass as clear as day keeping a view of each cloud in your way notice – the water – you can see right through ! including the clouds ahead in your view.